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March 30, 2005

Mai Thai Raises Mega-Money for Tsunami Relief • Larry May Passes Away • Aaargh, Mateys: New Pub & Grill Opens • Goodbye, Poblano's-Hello, Shakers • Wine Tasting at Home with the Traveling Vineyard • Eagle's SunnRooibos Gets Natio


Mai Thai Raises Mega-Money for Tsunami Relief

Mai Thai is more that a restaurant offering delicious cuisine-they're apparently nice people, too. In January and February, Mai Thai donated a percentage of their sales for Tsunami relief-an amount in the staggering neighborhood of $20,000.

Mai Thai Restaurant and Bar, 750 W. Idaho St., 344-8424.

Larry May Passes Away

Sad news this week from the hospitality world: Larry May of that venerable downtown institution, the Owyhee Plaza Hotel-home to the Gamekeeper, one of Boise's most upscale restaurants-passed away unexpectedly over the weekend.

A service and reception in memory of Larry will be held at the Boise Centre on the Grove on Friday, April 1, at 2 p.m.

For more information on the reception, contact general manager Patrick Rice's office at the Boise Centre on the Grove, 489-3650.

Aaargh, Mateys: New Pub & Grill Opens

The Plank, a pirate-themed restaurant, is opening up on the Bench in what used to be the Abbey-sail on in for pub food described with pirate-y adjectives like "scur'vy" "scallywag" and "blaggar'd." Booty Bur'gers, ahoy.

The Plank International Pub & Grill, 650 S. Vista Ave., Boise.

Goodbye, Poblano's-Hello, Shakers

Poblano's is closed, but owner Joe Knoblich hasn't abandoned downtown Boise. His new venture, Shakers Saloon and Grill, makes its grand debut on Friday, April 1 (no foolin'). Described as an American rock'n'roll saloon, Shakers will serve gourmet burgers, salads and soups, but there's also a dance floor (no cover), pool, darts and shuffleboard, and a bar with a dance top where those who feel the spirit will be able to shake their thang.

Shakers Saloon and Grill, 199 N. 8th St., 395-7000.

Wine Tasting at Home with the Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard of Boise wants to lubricate your next soiree. The idea is this: A Traveling Vineyard "consultant" will bring five bottles of various wines with decanting accoutrements to the host house, dispense samples and talk about the wines. Sort of a juiced-up Pampered Chef party. The Traveling Vineyard wants people to be able to try different wines while becoming familiar and knowledgeable on the subject in the comfort of their own homes.

For more information, contact Kelly Walker, local independent Traveling Vineyard consultant, at 376-2843 or

Eagle's SunnRooibos Gets National Mention

Made from a legume and touted for its health properties, the tea produced and marketed by Eagle company SunnRooibos has garnered a small write-up in the Mar. 21 issue of U.S. News & World Report. The tea is available locally in some grocery stores and is marketed to many corporate and select customers.

SunnRooibos, 863 W. Quarter Dr., Eagle,

Calling All Pint-Sized Chefs

Boxes of Girl Scout cookies have shrunk in size while growing in price, yet remain a perennial favorite of cookie snackers. For a limited time, Dreyer's is putting 'em in their ice cream in their imaginatively titled line, Dreyer's Girl Scouts Cookie Ice Cream, and there's a recipe contest accompanying it-the "Junior Chef Recipe Quest." Kids aged 8 to 12 are invited to create a dessert or snack recipe using the ice cream for a chance at pint-sized prizes and prestige. Contest deadline is April 4.

For information on entering and prizes, contact Dreyer's Junior Chef Recipe Quest, 5929 College Park Ave., Oakland, California 94618,

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