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March 23, 2005

Big Head Todd and the Monsters • Thine Eyes Bleed • Tribute Party • Clumsy Lovers • Motley Crüe


Friday 25

Big Head Todd and the Monsters

When a band has more than 3,500 live performances under its belt, it's safe to assume they enjoy being on stage. It's also safe to assume there are a lot of folks who enjoy watching that band. Such is the case with Big Head Todd and the Monsters, the Colorado-based rockers who reportedly chose their band name as homage to blues hero Eddie "Clean Head" Vinson. Mm hmm. The band, best known for platinum-selling Sister Sweetly, is ready to release their eighth album and continue touring. Also playing is Richmond, Virginia-based Carbon Leaf, the cats responsible for the enticing radio single "Life Less Ordinary." But they aren't exactly brand new: At the 2002 American Music Awards, Carbon Leaf won the first Coca-Cola New Music Award as the best unsigned band over a thousand other bands. Now they are signed.

Big Easy, 9 p.m. $20.

Carbon Leaf will also perform at 4 p.m., FREE, at the Record Exchange.

Friday 25

Thine Eyes Bleed

You can only imagine the bloody retinas of Thine Eyes Bleed. Seriously, doesn't lack of sleep do that? Surely these busy lads haven't been snoozing as they just returned from Japan after playing the Independence D Festival in Tokyo. Then they hopped right over to South by Southwest in Austin. That's what happens when you're a hot young metalcore act from Canada. They play with deathmetal outfit Vehemence, whose melodies are so divine they're known to drive the demons out of agitated listeners. But don't bank on their healing if you can't afford a regular exorcism, because vocalist Sean Vandegrift couldn't commit to the spring tour. Clifton's Bryan Edwards will step in and we'll see what happens. Cry Havoc and Recipe for Disaster are also playing.

The Venue, 7p.m. $8.

Friday 25

Tribute Party

One to ponder: Who'd win, Prince or Michael Jackson? You have the chance to find out at the ultimate tribute party featuring San Francisco's DJ Dave Paul and LA's T-Rock.

Once upon a time (1987, actually) the two dance music singers were to appear together on Jacko's "Bad," but it never happened. No one cared for awhile, until three years ago when Bomb Hip-Hop, including DJ Dave Paul, started wondering how the two would fare in a face-off (tee hee, a musical face-off). Promoters ask to focus on the music of the two­­-not the name changes, nose changes or other peripheral allegations. Just toe-to-toe dancing. Think "Wanna Be Starting Something" snapping back at "Erotic City."

Neurolux, 10 p.m. $5

Saturday 26

Clumsy Lovers

Got a case of ants in your pants? A surefire cure is the Clumsy Lovers­-no other band can create high-energy Celtic bluegrass so ripe for dancing. It's the energy of these Vancouver residents that make their shows so fun and carefree. And it's their frenzied talent that make them so addictive. Consider this plus: On the band's Web page, fiddler Andrea Lewis calls Boise her favorite town to gig! It's no surprise, what with the surge of buggy insects roaming Boise streets this spring.

Big Easy, 9:30 p.m., $10, $12 at the door.

Tuesday 29

Motley Crüe

With a name like the Red, White & Crüe Tour, you know it's American patriotism at its cheesiest. All four original hair-metal members of Mötley Crüe have reunited for the first time in six years and they're on their way Home Sweet Home, which would be on tour, of course. That's right, this concert offers Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Mick Mars and Tommy Lee, the quartet known equally for courting controversy as for 1989's "Dr. Feelgood." If you can't recall a Crüe song, let me kickstart your heart: After years of trouble, they are all sober now and ready to impress all the "Girls, Girls, Girls" as they definitely "Don't" want fans to "Go Away Mad." And though most of us are over the hair spray and leather pants of the 80s, just admit it: You don't change the station when you hear the Crüe on the radio. So indulge in the flashback because even they won't have any fun "Without You."

Idaho Center Arena, 7:30 p.m., $39.50.