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March 23, 2005

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Blog Boogie

Bill Cope would have you believe a blogger serves no useful purpose in the world of journalism (BW, Cope. March 9, 2005). He considers them to be basically ignorant, unsophisticated, and lacking the intellect of a "true journalist." Really?

Let's examine "journalism." Why are courses in journalism, philosophy, and other liberal arts subjects considered "lay-downs?" It's because there are no rules, no right or wrongs and no basic principles or skills to master. They're simply "attend the classes, please the professor, complete a project and walk away with a good grade" exercises. If a person's writings are published, no matter the content, they can automatically proclaim themselves a "journalist." Not so in most other professions.

What's the real reason behind Bill's rant? The answer is fear. Because of bloggers, he and others like him can no longer release or broadcast biased or inaccurate information with immunity (exit Rather and Co.). Therefore, he must degrade bloggers in an attempt to minimize their effectiveness.

Sorry Bill, but I'm convinced the scholastic and IQ level of the average blogger is much higher than that of an average journalist and media reporter.

-R. L. Hanson,


More Blog Blather

It's truly unfortunate, Mr. Cope, that you rely solely on the "handful of other socially inept obsessives who are aware of your every thought" to survive in your chosen career path. If your career's very existence did not rely completely on them, then I suppose the opening statement of your article (BW, Bill Cope, "If I Had My Drathers: Unclogging the blog fog", March 9, 2005) would have carried some weight. Surely, you must agree, Mr. Cope, that readers of opinion pieces are simply searching for a way to "piss away ... hours," and it is your duty to help them, by "throwing more useless crap into the... (metaphor removed) ... landfill."

How low must you stoop for journalistic sizzle without substance? "No, offense" may be the most unquestionably juvenile way to make oblique the insult of judgmental diatribe. I am disappointed that you, a professional journalist, so gloriously lofted before us as the avatar of literacy, could dredge up such bilge.

I am not, myself, unlikely or unknown to use such a technique, but I am not a "professional journalist." I am a 30-year-old high school dropout with a blog. It seems to me ironic that a pleasantly left-leaning individual such as yourself should not see the hidden inconsistency in your request to "please excuse my reliance on old-fashioned paper and ink" in two small ways. First: Anything "old-fashioned" is clearly in the domain of the conservatives, and is never to be sullied by the lip service of a liberal. Second: The trees, Bill, think about the trees.

I respect, in general, your writing, and have enjoyed the great majority of your articles because I am the misanthrope you describe in your article's opening paragraph. I also respect and mostly agree with your politics, but you are too conservative. I lean so far to the left that I am unpublishable, even by my own standards. Well, some of us are paying attention, Bill, and we all have blogs. One misstep on your part and I will release the internet blog-people-hyenas.

-Jeremy Anderson

Happy Daze

Interest rates are going up fast. Gas prices are going through the roof. Housing prices are skyrocketing. Air travel is getting more expensive and difficult. The value of the dollar is falling. Food and clothing prices are increasing. C students are getting As. The weather is getting weirder. Jobs are getting scarcer and we're giving our farmer's irrigation water back to the Indians. What part of this economic recovery are we supposed to be celebrating and who am I supposed to thank?

-Jim Spicka,


Karmically Confused

It seems that you are running one week ahead on the Free Will Astrology listings. What you had in last week's issue appeared on the www.freewillastrology.com Web site this week, and this week what you have does not match the Web site. So I'm assuming we will see this week's BW listings on the Web site next week.

Could you please synch these up? My friend and I are becoming very karmically konfused as we now know the future in the future, so to speak.

-Libra and Leo

(Water Dragon and Earth Dog)

Mail of the week: Holy cow! Having absolutely nothing to do with Mercury being retrograde, a renegade lunar eclipse or any other stew of heavenly omens, we mistakenly flip-flopped Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology columns for the past two weeks. Rob knows which week is which; we just had a small karmic conundrum. We sincerely hope that you can forgive us. We're back on track this week!

And to assist you in getting back on track with the karmic universe, we're going to give you two tickets to Motley Crue, who are coming to town March 29.