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March 22, 2006


“What a dream I had: Dressed in organdy; Clothed in crinoline of smoky burgundy; Softer than the rain.” —For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her by Simon and Garfunkel

Dear Dream Zone, I keep having recurring dreams about getting back together with my ex boyfriend. However, I am married and haven't spoken to him in over 10 years. I have seen him with his family several years ago, but never made eye contact. Can you tell me why I keep dreaming about him? —Jennifer 37, Katy, TX

Lauri: Was he your first love? Strangely enough, we continue to dream of our first loves, even if we've moved on into a happy marriage. Don't worry, it's not that you want him back, it's that you want what he represents back: excitement, bubbles, passion! You are likely to get these dreams when your marriage gets a little too routine and humdrum ... as all marriages do from time to time. Your dream is using your ex to remind you of the passion that is still alive inside of you! These dreams are actually good for you and should be taken as a wake up call to get thyself down to Victoria's Secret and buy something red and lacy ... you know, spice it up, sister!

Jennifer replies: It makes so much sense now. He was my first love. While I was with him, there was lots of excitement and passion. He taught me how to rebuild an engine and change my own oil, how to chew tobacco and smoke cigars. We would do things so spontaneously. He even got me listening to heavy metal, when before I met him, I was all about country. He opened me up to a whole new world and I was very happy. I wasn't so self-conscious as I am now. I can see now that I don't get involved in new things like I did before. You're right; I do need to spice things up. You've made me see things in a different light.

Fascinating Dream Fact: The song "All I Ever Needed" came to Loverboy´s singer Mike Reno in a dream - complete with melody and lyrics!