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March 16, 2005


The week of March 13 has been declared Sunshine Week by media organizations and other groups promoting open access to public information. Despite being competitors, we are impressed with the depth, diversity and resources that The Idaho Statesman is putting behind Sunshine Week. Their week-long series of articles about open records and accessing public information is a how-to guide for the citizen reporter. They've even planned a workshop for area journalists to attend regarding accessing open records.

Boise Weekly is participating too, by revisiting the theme that all people can be reporters. After all, we are a nation of tattlers and gossip-mongers. We find out something bad about somebody and we tell somebody else. When we do it on the phone we're gossiping. When we do it in an article we're reporters. Either way, it's important to support rumors by going to the source. Information is out there, and some people in power want to keep you from it. For the future of America, we can't let that happen.

WEB UPDATE: Our newly redesigned Web site (www.boiseweekly.com) is up and running. While we've fixed many users' problems with viewing of the previous site, the past year's archives have been wiped out. Let me know at bingo@boiseweekly.com if you miss a story and we'll put it up for you. We're still working on the new site, adding dining, sports and 8 Days Out listings, and making it all pretty. E-mail me if you have an idea on what you want to see or how it should be organized. It's all about the online community so you can't complain if you don't participate.