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March 15th 2006

True Crime

Hi, I would like to tell you that your column is really offensive. It seems to be that you are a really conservative person or maybe you are just old and conservative. But your column--you know--featuring mug shots of people is a really hateful thing to do and it's a very conservative thing to do. It's not something you would find in a weekly. The only place you would find it in a weekly is someplace--you know--in Hicksville. And it's really apparent that this is an Idaho paper because of your column. It is just so offensive that you take people and you put their pictures because they have committed crimes. You are just--you know--it's like a police state. Idaho is such a red state and all you are doing is acting like a stupid conservative. That is what you are acting like--a psycho Republican. Only they would do a column like yours. Can't you be creative and think of something more productive to do? Or are you so bereft of creativity and intelligence that you need to just report crime? I mean, I can read the Statesman for that.

--Anonymous voicemail

Bill Cope

The Wilderness Kill, Feb. 22, 2006

I thought it was about damn time that someone in the media had the balls to take on Ron Gillette and his crowd. "Sport" hunting: there's an oxymoron for you--has a real ring to it. Where's the sport in killing an animal 200 yards away with a 30-06 after running it down from an ATV? If the elk could shoot back; now there'd be a sport!

Get 'em, Cope!

--D. Magnuson,



Repsonses to previous letters

Dave Posey: Let me get this straight: hunting is a fabulous thing because A) it funds scientific management of "game," B) it has a rich heritage in Idaho, C) Canadian wolves are bogus because, well, they're Canadian!, and D) God told us to manage wildlife. Wow, a formidable array of intellectual challenges.

OK, A) wildlife (wilderness) management. Interesting concept. A wilderness unmanaged for hundreds of thousands of years, apparently on the brink of peril by your account, finally, barely a hundred years ago, is rescued by human scientific "management" (That's not management of humans.) This management's goal is the elimination of all predators, and the encouragement of selected docile species for ... what? So hunters can, without competition, go out and slaughter them for ... fun! You called that a "noble sport"? Oh, yes, we all surely can see how noble a sport that is, and we certainly can see how crucial is the management of our entire ecosystem to keep your "rich Idaho heritage" going.

B) Rich? Do you mean the payments of dudes to outfitters? Do you mean the selling of rifles, ATVs, beer, gas, trucks, coolers, camouflage, tags and vacation pay? Do you mean the poetic notion that hunting nurtures a love of the land and (some of) its animals and passing that down to your offspring? If you mean that killing what you love is your highest expression of feeling, then if I were your offspring, or your spouse, or even your dog, I'd be worried.

C) The Canadian wolf comment is pure genius. It's a canny use of Idaho's mindset. Just one suggestion: you'd better get out there quickly (or get your "managers" to do it for you) and kill every last one of those remaining American bears, lions and coyotes so they are gone, really gone and no foreign interlopers can one day be in their stead.

D) I'm not sure about this one: "God commands we do it." It worked in the Middle Ages and works in the Legislature, so maybe it will fly here, too. It's worth a try, I suppose.

--Carl Rowe,


I am a "religious" Weekly reader and have found the last month or so worth of BW articles from Bill Cope (What's Left to Like, the Wilderness Kill), Lingo Yarns (Legislative Bigotry), and always the outspoken Ted Rall to be outstanding ones. I read mail from Rachel Clements and just shook my head. Love is great, but anger is not the evil thing that she makes it out to be either. Anger is a human emotion (like love), and when properly utilized is one of the main catalysts that bring about change. The reason we have so many horrendous things happening right now isn't because of all the anger we Americans have, it is because of the apathy most have towards the injustices going on around us and to us. Aren't you angry over anything besides hearing angry people? Is that what gets you angry enough to write a letter to the editor? Then shame on you. I am angry. I am angry about my constitutional rights being tread upon the by the very same person who is supposed to defend them. I am angry and tired of lies and propaganda from leaders who we are supposed to trust the most. I am angry that I live among bigots that truly don't care about their fellow human beings. I personally would like to see some anger from my fellow Americans. Maybe it will bring the catalyst of change that this country needs. Our insipid Democratic leadership certainly isn't going to get ball rolling, they are too afraid of offending people like you to stand up and fight for what needs to be fought for. Thank you BW for upping the bar on your articles. I greatly admire what you have done and continue to do.

--Cristi Dambitis,