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April 6, Myrtle Morgue


For a band, putting out their first full-length CD should be reason to celebrate. But for local band Manville--made up of members BoJo, Bug, Huey, Icy Mike, Schug and brand-spanking-new vocalist Matt--it isn't, exactly.

According to Bug, "As soon as [Potty Animalz] was done and pressed, our singer, Jamie, quit. We were also booking a tour, making it frustrating two-fold." Frustrating for Manville, maybe. A joy for Manville fans and Manville fans-to-be? Definitely. Released in January, Manville's CD is already a collector's item. In an e-mail conversation with me, Bug wrote, "We won't be playing any songs off of [Potty Animalz] for a while, if ever." Which is a clear indicator that there probably won't be any more pressings, either.

As for Animalz, it appears that Manville wants to scare away potential listeners: The photo on the cover is a picture of a toilet surrounded by cups, cans, magazines, a festive party hat and other detritus. The seat of the toilet is up, and written on the underside in what looks like blood is the name of the album. But don't let the cover fool you. Animalz is 11 tracks of quintessential Manville: scatological humor, brilliant arrangements and addictive rock. Yes, the cover is gross (as is the insert) and the song titles are a little disturbing ("Twink Flamingo," "Pornocopia"), but Animalz is a definite must-hear. So, what's to become of Manville?

Bug writes, "We have 10 new songs recorded for two separate records ... The music is all recorded, but the vocals won't be ready until Matt can get into a groove. The Morgue show [was] with This Is My Fist, a band from California. Manville's first show ever was in Oakland. They were there, and we've played together several times over the last three years. A little tour together seemed like a good idea." Editor's note: This Is My Fist cancelled some of their upcoming tour dates due to illness.

Check out samples of the new CD at Check out Manville--and find out how to get your limited-edition copy of Potty Animalz--this Friday.

--Amy Atkins

April 6, 7 p.m., with Drain the Pool, Brogrinder. $3, Myrtle Morgue, 210 Myrtle St.