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Make a Break for It at the High-Speed Pursuit Half-Marathon

Saturday, April 7


A prison break is imminent from Boise's Old Penitentiary. While it won't be the ghosts of the jailhouse's former inmates, nor a "Jailhouse Rock" Elvis concert, fans will flock to the old grounds to witness a fight to the finish.

On Saturday, April 7, a group of garishly colored inmates will make a break for it from the historic pen, with the prison's escape alarm sounding the start. The fastest jailbird will take home a fabulous prize and some major bragging rights.

The aptly named High Speed Pursuit race offers four lengths to choose from: the half marathon, 10K or 5K runs and a 5K walk. The event's proceeds benefit the Idaho Police Officer's Memorial Fund and opens at 10 a.m. with a fly-by--weather permitting--as well as the color guard and national anthem.

Those running the half marathon will venture along Pleasant Valley, Barker, Cole and Ten Mile Creek roads before returning to the Old Pen.

The winners of the race take home more than their freedom and a day's worth of Escape from Alcatraz quotes. Shu's Idaho Running Company has sponsored awards from Scott, which in the past have included six pairs of shoes and other swag.

The race, which was formerly held the last week of October, is now a spring competition. Mike Shuman of Shu's said the race was moved to provide for a less-competitive schedule, one that won't interfere with the plethora of other fall races and other activities of the season.

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