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Life As A Star Ain't Easy Street

Yes, Bill, you missed the point when you wrote about Susan Boyle. The most offensive thing about the whole American Idol phenomenon is the concept that all you need to be a star is talent and a lucky break. Tell it to the millions of musicians, dancers, poets and actors on this earth. As AC/DC said, "It's a long way to the top if you want to rock 'n' roll." And "it's harder than it looks." If Ms. Boyle wants to be a "star," let her sing at church, to kindergartens, in smelly bars, at weddings. Let her drive six hours to a gig where the club won't even comp her a dinner. Let her sleep in her car, or not sleep at all. Let her sing to a crowd of 20 or five or zero. Let her get hooked on alcohol or smack and eat in crummy restaurants seven days a week.

Entertainment isn't for sissies. Ask Jimi or Janis or Paul Chambers or Yo Yo Ma. Jagger probably drops 5 pounds every time he sings. Thirty more shows, and there will be nothing left of him. What cheeses me off most about the American Idol concept is that it cheapens the role of art and entertainment. Those people are busting a nut trying to make it, trying to express themselves, trying to get you to stop and listen and smile and have some fun with them. Give 'em a break.

--Daniel Reed, Boise

Good on Boyle

Mr. Cope, I appreciate what you said regarding Susan Boyle. Thank you for we-projected thoughts and feelings. Why can't we let people be who they are, instead of trying to "fix" them? I grew up in a small town in Idaho, and knew of some folks who would only show their face at the one store to shop. You knew, even as a child, not to go to their house to "trick-or-treat" because they wouldn't answer the door. Watching her performance was an amazing, lovely experience, though. I'm grateful to her, and British Idol for giving us that moment. Each viewing of it is still fresh.

--Marilyn Foutz, Boise


The time is now for all Americans to have a health-care plan that affords us the same life-long coverage that our federal representatives (Congress and Senate) and their families enjoy. A plan that ensures none of their homes will be foreclosed on due to illness and inability to pay their medical bills. In order to truly control costs and compete with private health insurance plans, a strong public health insurance option must be available nationwide. If it's good enough for our elected officials, it's good enough for all of us.

--Andrea Gilman, Boise

Park Towing Unfair

I wanted to take a moment to vent about city parks, parking to be exact. On Saturday, I was at Ann Morrison Park hanging out with some friends and may have had a little too much to drink (cans only, of course). Not wanting to hurt anyone or myself, I chose to leave my car parked where it was and pick it up the next day. Upon my return at 8:30 a.m., my car was gone. At first, I thought it was stolen, but after reading the sign at the entrance to the park, I found that you can't park there after sunset. I went straight to Boise Valley Towing and had to pay $140 to get it out. You may think that I'm an idiot for not knowing the rules, but I didn't. The bad thing is that like a lot of people in this rough time, I live paycheck to paycheck. Now that I'm short $140, my insurance is going to lapse, and I can't buy groceries to get me through the next two weeks. Wouldn't it be a little easier if they gave you a $25 ticket, or gave you 24 hours to move your vehicle? Am I supposed to drive drunk? Why is everyone so interested in robbing people of every dime they have? What a wonderful world we live in. Thank you, Boise City, for taking food out of my mouth just to fill your pockets.

--David Hurley, Boise

Young Libs Deserve Better

I have stayed silent too long as Ted Rall, your illustrious columnist, has continued to ravage the minds of young liberals in this state with his extremist invective. A man as self-righteous and immoderate, and so disregarding and disrespectful of the American political system, should be likewise disregarded by the responsible free press, especially by a publication as trusted and well regarded by Boise's young, enthusiastic and impressionable population of liberals. That demographic deserves columnists that reconcile the government with its disillusioned constituents, not the other way around.

Rall's constant comparisons between the Obama administration and Hitler's Third Reich are not only unfounded but offensive and destructive to America's recovery from its current crises.

--Spencer M. Sheridan

Smoked Off

I'm not a smoker but whatever happened to your right to run your own business as you see fit? If patrons would simply make their opinions known to the owners and say they'll no longer do business there because of said smoke, then the business owner will get the message and either accommodate them or do without their money. And for those who work in said businesses the same thing can be said and nobody is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to work there. I believe it's called "freedom of association" in the old parlance which is something forgotten by anti-whatever jihadists.

--MoT, BW online