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It is now time to accept several facts concerning the invasion of Iraq. We are all glad that Saddam Hussein is no longer in power, but Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Iraq did not have 10 tons of nerve gas and 20,000 liters of anthrax. Iraq did not have an active nuclear weapons program. Iraq did not have missiles capable of delivering weapons on "45 minutes notice."

As Bob Woodward indicates in his book Plan of Attack, President Bush asked the CIA to find a connection between Saddam and al Qaeda. A number of agents were assigned to this task including several inside Iraq. After several months of effort, they came up with one man. In the spring of 2002 a Palestinian named Zarqawi, "who had strong al Qaeda ties," traveled to Iraq for medical treatment. Currently there are hundreds of al Qaeda in Iraq but they were not there prior to the invasion.

We impeached a president who lied about sex. What do we do with a president who lied about the reasons for going to war?

--Darrell W. Brock, Merdian


We purchased our home on a large lot in 1979. After years of crowded student housing, our two children, my husband and I were ecstatic.

Two threats to our idyllic existence came in the 1980s when the City of Boise proposed annexation for our subdivision. The neighbors united, testified at Planning and Zoning, and were given reprieves. Our 1990s efforts were futile. We were annexed. Our taxes increased and liens were placed on each property pending sewer hook-up.

Now we have learned that annexation included rezoning from Ada County designation for one home per parcel to eight homes per parcel. We discovered this when an unscrupulous developer decided to a build high-density housingarea, which is incompatible with our neighborhood.

Once again we are organizing to defend our property. Why must we continually expend time, energy and money to protect our rights? The City of Boise is not an impoverished third-world country where dictators can mount coups to seize whatever they please.

Hopefully this whole fiasco is a holdover from Mayor Coles' crooked dealings. Mayor Bieter and the Boise City Council have an opportunity to rectify this idiocy. Their stated goal is to strengthen neighborhoods. Here's their chance.

--Linda Simmons, Boise


Isn't it curious how politics and religion have walked hand in hand through the ages? One claims my God is better than your God the other foots the bill all the while dangling the carrot of peace and prosperity at just the right time to keep from being questionable. A handshake, signing of a bill, a guarantee perhaps. Oddly enough, these two factions have in fact guaranteed humanity one thing and one thing only, can you guess what it is? Inequality, curious isn't it?

--Frank Boersma,