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Mail October 1-October 7, 2008


Idoahoians are for Adulter, Affairs. Divorce and Alcoholism. If you vote for John McCain you support adulter. Also for all the Mormons in Idaho, John McCains new church say your an a cult. So if you want a man who does not have morals and teaches kids to have affairs and sale alcohol to get what you want, then you can become president someday. I thought Idaho was better then that I guess I was wrong.

—Alfred Williams, Anahiem, Calif.

(*Editor's note: All spelling and grammatical errors—including that in Mr. William's alleged city of residence—have been left intact just for fun.)

Cope v. Duncan

I somewhat agree with [Bill Cope's] previous anti-death penalty stance (BW, Opinion, "Let's Kill Duncan," Sept. 17, 2008). Only in those instances that we know for certain the right person has been found guilty of a death-penalty offense do I believe it should be carried out. Richard Speck, who killed the nurses in Chicago, is only one of those who we know was guilty who was not put to death but should have been. Many African-Americans have been exonerated after being convicted of murder and placed on death row but how many more were executed in error?

In the case of Joseph Duncan, we know he is guilty of heinous crimes, including torture and murder. He has crossed the line and needs to pay the price. Your suggestion to come up with the worst scenarios is, however, appalling to me. To suggest your readers come up with the most horrible ideas, "no matter how gruesome or grotesque they are," is to open your readers' minds to the same kind of barbaric thinking of which Duncan is guilty. God forbid we should ever think like him. He should be put to death quickly and humanely. Anything less dehumanizes and diminishes us all.

I, personally, do not ever want to be in a position that I would have to take another life. Would I do it if necessary? Yes, in self-defense or to protect others. Otherwise, no. And as long as we have prison officials to handle a death sentence, I am content to let them do it. (P.S. This particular column really disturbed me. We need to decrease violence in our society, not encourage violent thinking.)

—Kathryn Rubio, Boise

Artist's Thanks

I appreciated Ted Rall's excellent column (BW, Opinion, "The Good, the Bad and the Editor," Sept. 24, 2008) about the state of editorial cartooning in America. I am constantly aware of the precarious situation editorial cartoonists find themselves in these days and wanted to take a minute to express my thanks for all the support, tolerance and kindnesses shown me while I've been represented in the pages of BW. It's been my pleasure to have been published here for more years than I care to count and Rall's piece served as a reminder of just how good this gig is. Sincere thanks to my friends and colleagues at BW for letting me play in your yard. I really hope that readers who dig "Mondo Gaga" will let BW know. Ival and I like our job very much.

—M. Flinn, Boise

The Best and the Worst of BOB

I was reading the BOB article at a friend's house, when I came across the "best skatepark" portion and my brain almost exploded. I don't know who felt compelled to put that little bit of dog shit about BMXers in there, but I think it's pretty lame. I've lived in Boise for 10 years, now, and we haven't had any problems with any of the skaters for the last five. I know just about every skateboarder in this town that's worth a shit and we're all friends. Why don't you write an article about how great Caldwell is, except for the hispanics? Or, perhaps you could write an article about the Balcony and your disdain for gays and lesbians. You know where I'm going with this. So to whoever wrote that, do everyone a favor and grow up a little bit. Yeah, I ride BMX, so piss off.

—Andy P., Boise

Bittercreek Alehouse has the best homemade oyster crackers in Boise 'eh? As the individual usually responsible for the production of said "tasty little morsels," I would like to comment on your write up. These crackers are not "just flour and water folks." They contain flour and water, yes, but also a carefully blended mix of herbs (evident upon close scrutiny of the crackers) and plenty of butter. On top of that, they must be baked at a low temperature and constantly rotated to ensure even cooking and to discourage burning. Line your sheet pan. But all that aside, I would like to thank you for taking notice to what is commonly the bane of my working day. I also "challenge you to try to make these tasty little morsels." Especially for as many people that eat at Bittercreek Alehouse.

—Bruce De Vino Jr., Boise

Whether one agrees with Brandi Swindell and Bryan Fischer or not, the BW's characterization of them as "Media Whores" is obnoxious. The fact that Swindell and Fischer are interested in publicity should hardly be surprising. Anybody, left or right, who is at the forefront of an effort to influence popular opinion or change society is going to want publicity. The only thing that distinguishes the "dynamic moralistic duo" in this regard is that BW doesn't happen to like them or what they stand for.

The term "Media Whores" is laughably inappropriate. A "whore" or prostitute is somebody who sacrifices their principles and integrity for gain. Swindell and Fischer have done exactly the opposite. They have stuck to their principles despite a torrent of abuse. Likewise, they could probably both do better financially in some other line of work.

Finally, one has to ask if BW is being true to its principles. Why hasn't BW criticized the Boise City Attorney's Office for requesting attorneys' fees, for doing the job the taxpayers (including Swindell and Fischer) are already paying them to do? Likewise why haven't they criticized Judge Edward Lodge for punishing Swindell and Fischer for the exercise of their First Amendment rights?

—Steven H. Warrick, Salt Lake City

Pot 4 Peace

It's criminal the cops are burning all that marijuana they just discovered—we could use some pot with all the chaos occurring in this country.

—Larry Polsky, Boise


In last week's Best of Boise issue, we wish we would have done the following things correctly: spelled Heather Rae's name right and attributed the Basque Market photograph to Joyce Alexander.