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Mail November 12-November 18, 2008

Idaho Kids Shout "Assassinate Obama"

I can't believe that Upper Valley Republicans are teaching their children the same thing that the right wing religious fanatics of the KKK teach their children. Rexburg is the most Republican county in the nation and they are proud of this.

Controversial words spoken by kids on a school bus have some Madison County parents concerned [about] what happened on the buses, and I do think that all parents need to be careful about what they say and teach their children.

I believe that the Secret Service of the United States government should come to the Upper Valley here in Idaho and check out the adults (parents, teachers, school bus drivers, counselors and principals) of the children that were on the school buses.

—Darrel La Mar Wakley, Rexburg

On Obama

Many Americans are having a hard time finding a good-paying job that will ensure that they can live the American dream. Meanwhile fat cat CEOs are allowed to have golden parachutes even after they fail to meet the standards that would allow growth and higher pay and security for their workers.

Barack Obama has put forth the legislation that would ensure the rights and security of the American worker and American middle class. That legislation is the Employee Free Choice Act, which would allow workers to decide whether they want to be part of a union without fear of reprisal.

President elect Obama has promised that he will do everything in his power to pass this piece of legislation. How can you give the promise for a better future and not give them the tools they need to be successful? Mr. Obama knows what it takes to give the people what they need. Change has been a major catalyst in this year's election and the Employee Free Choice Act will ensure that change is realized.

—Micheal DeCoria, Caldwell

More On Obama

I realize that it's a little late for this, but I've begun having second thoughts about seeing Barack Obama elected president. Think about it for a moment. Here's a candidate who earned a B.A. in poli sci from Columbia University, graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School while serving as president of the Harvard Law Review, and taught constitutional law for 12 years. He understands (much better than most) what the Founding Fathers really did intend with the Constitution. Now put yourself in the shoes of the poor man or woman he appoints to the position of attorney general:

"Please, Mr. President. You hired me for the job. Would you please stop looking over my shoulder all the time?"

Or consider the following scenario:

President Obama: "I understand what you're saying, Mr. Chief Justice. It's just that this is very important to me."

Justice Roberts: "I'm sure it is, Sir. It's just that we've never had a sitting president feel the need to personally argue a case before this Court."

Yeah, maybe it would have been better if we had voted for McCain. At least he'd have let the Supreme Court and his attorney general do their jobs.

—Gerry Gentile, Boise

The Bends Over the Mends

I just wanted to thank you again for the cutting-edge (no pun intended) article on crafting, "A Meeting of Mends," by Tara Morgan (BW, First Thursday, Nov. 5, 2008).

It's this type of powerful journalism that sets BW head and shoulders above the other area publications like Treasure Valley Families and the Renter's Guide.

It's your courage and conviction of addressing the controversial and dark world of "crafting" that continues to cause all that buzz around town.

Keep up the great work. We can't wait for your groundbreaking series on macrame, or God forbid, pottery.

—Andy Hedden-Nicely, Boise

Candidate Thanks

My many thanks go out to the voters of District 16 and those who helped with my campaign for the Idaho House of Representatives.

To those of you who welcomed me at your doors and took my phone calls, please know that our discussions have been very valuable in my preparation for the upcoming legislative session.

I also wish to thank my opponent, Joan Cloonan, for the positive and civil tone of the campaign. I invite all of you in District 16 to contact me with your thoughts on the issues.

—Grant Burgoyne, Representative-elect, District 16, Boise


In the Nov. 5-Nov. 11 edition of "Play," we incorrectly referred to Therapeutic Associates Inc. as Boise Therapeutic Associates.