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Mail May 19, 2004


In Idaho politics, it's pretty exciting that we have three excellent Democratic candidates running in a primary. We're supporting Brian Cronin for the District 19 House Seat (the North and East Ends of Boise) because of the three we think he will best represent the values and ideals that our family shares. Brian is just a really nice young man with lots of energy, good ideas and an ability to work with lots of different folks to make Idaho a better place today and into the future. Brian received the unanimous endorsement of the Idaho Education Association and the Fire Fighters Union as the best candidate to keep the legacy of retiring house member Ken Robison alive and strong. Every vote will count on Tuesday May 25, so please join us and vote for Brian Cronin in Dist. 19.

--Andy and Debi Hedden-Nicely,


Education is a key component of Idaho's future and District 19 candidate Brian Cronin has the experience we need in the Idaho legislature. As a teacher in inner city as well as affluent suburban schools, he has seen what educational support can do for our children. That is why I support Brian Cronin for District 19.

--Pamela Jo Packard, Boise

Nicole LeFavour is uniquely qualified to represent Democrats from the North and East Ends of Boise. Having lived and worked in the district for over 14 years, LeFavour has tirelessly advocated for conservation issues on behalf of the residents and has developed relationships with both Democrats and Republicans that will be invaluable in the statehouse.

As a fellow advocate in the conservation community, I know Nicole is well respected. She's worked with various groups on issues ranging from protecting the Owyhee Canyonlands to passing the Foothills levy. She's worked to stop nuclear waste shipments entering Idaho and coordinated grassroots efforts and volunteers. Her experience is unparalleled in the District 19 race.

As a legislator, she will continue to be a strong voice for conservation. Nicole will fight to protect Idaho's clean air, water and wild lands from the trend toward loosening environmental restrictions and standards for industry and agriculture. To reduce traffic and protect air quality, she will work for legislation that allows voters to choose local option taxes as a way to fund area mass transit, enabling Boise to fund greatly expanded routes and schedules to make bus systems more useable.

While Nicole is undeniably the best choice for Democrats, the primary race on May 25 will be close. She has two Democratic opponents, but they have neither the experience nor the proven dedication to the issues. Her impressive resume is available on her Web site, www.nicolefordistrict19.com. Nicole shares the values of district 19 voters and as our representative she will work hard to ensure these values are reflected in Idaho law.

--Whitney Parker,


I have known Nicole LeFavour for approximately four years. In that four years, Nicole has demonstrated to me as well as the entire Boise community that she is genuinely compassionate about many important issues ranging from Education and Tax Policy to Transportation and Health & Consumer Protection.

I firmly believe that Nicole is a tireless advocate for education funding and affordable health care and that she will work for a tax system that rewards businesses for providing jobs with decent wages and benefits. I have yet to find a person who puts as much passion into their work as Nicole LeFavour continually demonstrates. With that, I can determinedly say that Nicole LeFavour is the best choice for the Democratic vote in District 19.

Though Nicole has two Democratic opponents in the Primaries, neither have the experience nor the tireless dedication to the issues.

I urge voters in District 19 to vote for Nicole LeFavour in the Democratic Primary Election on Tuesday, May 25.

--Lauren Tweedy, Boise