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Mail July 21 2004


In the run up to this war it became clear to me that no matter how much people protested and argued over our course of action, there was one man who could not be deterred and who had the ability to take us all to war. We allowed him to become president, and now we are paying the price. More disappointing to me was how our Congress rolled over on its back. Where was the Congress that deliberated for days over the (justifiable) decision to (really) liberate Kuwait, supported by the entire United Nations? Were we all seduced by the argument that even though we were attacking a sovereign state and preparing to kill thousands that it would be relatively easy? What a wonderful justification.

As we here in Idaho prepare to rubber stamp George Bush's son for four more years I keep wondering how one person could be given so much power and be allowed to behave so foolishly. And now he is preparing us for his next grand attack ... against the lesbians and homosexuals of America. What courage he must have! No trifling with multi-national mega-corporations. No time wasted on future bankruptcies of our public retirement and health care systems. No worry for an economy based on a substance that will disappear in 25 years. No sir, he's going after the big fish.

He is optimistic. Boldly charging into the future. The new Reagan. Just imagine a world where all foreign countries are lined up like our British sycophants, and heterosexual marriage is finally safe. Then who will we find to hate?

--Daniel Reed,



Emperor George W. Bush claims that by invading Iraq the United States of America is "safer." If you ignore the fact that the main reason for invading Iraq was the imminent threat of WMD, if you ignore the fact that the intelligence was wrong, if you ignore the fact that based on the faulty intelligence the U.S. Congress was manipulated into approving the use of force. If you ignore the fact that 90 percent of the Iraqi people want U.S. troops out of their country. If you ignore the fact that over 1 billion Muslims are pissed off at the United States, and at least 10 percent of them are willing to die to kill Americans anywhere on earth, yeah, I guess you could say that we are "safer." Do you feel any safer now than before the invasion of Iraq? Now the administration is talking about postponing the elections, does that make you feel safer? I think it is time for a regime change at home.

--Mark Klinger,



I guess the "Cyclists v. Cars" article (BW, News, July 14) was supposed to make me feel sorry for the cyclists who are mistreated by people who are riding in cars.

Well, it didn't work!

Because of cyclists I am afraid to walk on the sidewalk. I think of bicycles as "the whispering death." Bicycles should be banned from the sidewalk and forced to drive in the street. Those angry car drivers who harass cyclists are probably former pedestrians whom the cyclists have harassed.

--Jim Andersen,



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