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Mail January 9-15, 2008

2007 Revisited

Al Gore and Jesse Jackson visit Boise. Empty Bowls after Thanksgiving.

Information Age takes back seat to Dancing With the Stars and Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion.

I watched Nova, paying attention to Intelligent Design. Yes, I believe in evolution. It's still going on—insects and plants changing due to insecticide and herbicide wars.

But homo sapiens still turn to war. Can we learn and evolve like our fellow living species?

There's hope. In a season of joy and love, we give. Books aren't read by many who work at Best Buy.

When checking out the new Sony Digital Reader, some employees and a manager didn't know of it. It's still in stores.

Who reads out there? BW is a great alternative to other sources. I know, I've read it all year.

Thanks, Bill Cope and staff.

Happy holidays, fellow intelligent life. May 2008 bring more of us or, "Beam me up, Scottie!"

—Nancy L. Sopwith, Boise

More paragraphs please

While I find Bill Cope's articles sometimes amusing and other times informative, his latest immature rant targeted at Idaho Statesman sports editor Mike Prater is yet another lowering of the journalistic bar (BW, Cope, "Dumbassity," Dec. 12, 2007) .

It's not that Cope doesn't have some points here—yes, many of us are tired of having the Fiesta Bowl victory talked about every day a year after the fact. It's time to move on. And yes, college football fans (me being one of them) are often over the top and take ourselves too seriously.

Where Cope loses me is in a few other areas. One area is in his painful prose. Cope uses the slang word "dumbass" or a version of it some 15 times throughout the course of the article. Didn't a teacher ever red-pen you for over-utilization of one word? Bill, we get the idea, you found a word grade-school kids use and you think it's cool. Two (this goes out to the entire BW staff): Paragraphs are your friend, especially in newspaper journalism. Find the enter key and use it, please.

Finally, I'm guessing Cope thinks he's being "edgy"—just like Prater is when he rants about blowing up the University of Idaho. (I think Prater was using a device called hyperbole, something Cope didn't pick up on, despite that he often uses the same method.) Bill, I'm tired and bored with edgy journalism, very few things shock me anymore. Just be good. Is that too much to ask?

—Tim Sullivan, Boise

Elves, Unions OK

What have you got against elves and labor unions? One story headline, "What's Next? Unionized Elves?" under Curious Times by Andreas Ohrt (BW, Curious Times, Dec. 12, 2007), implies that unionized elves would be bad. Recognizing there is a tongue-in-cheek implication of the headline, one must also question the lack of understanding on the author's part regarding unions. Acknowledging the generally inaccurate perception that unions are inherently bad, organized labor unions in reality provide much needed protection and benefits to workers.

Perhaps there is a future story from BW on the factual and historical role of organized labor's contributions to our society.

—Ronald V. Clayton, Boise

Love Them Studios

I would like to submit a rebuttal to a response made by BW Reader Andy Agenbroad (BW, Mail, Dec. 12, 2007) on the Citizen Boise interview with me (BW, Citizen, "Steve Fulton, Nov. 28, 2007).

I want to recognize what Andy said about the fact that there are many recording studios in the Boise valley that record live, full bands. I don't know why my quote came out that way, because I do indeed know better, as Andy pointed out. I mentioned and referred to the only two commercial studios in Boise that I know of that operate their studios outside of a residence as their only source of income. There are many project studios like Agenbroad's Project 7 studio and Don Cunningham's Cunningham Audio, one of the longest running studios in Boise.

As Andy should know, I am one of the biggest supporters of all music and recording studios in Boise. I have dedicated my life to making our music and recording industry better for over 15 years. Although it is necessary to point out inaccuracies, it is not necessary to publicly scold and insult in the process. I'll assume that was not intended.

Andy is one of the most important parts of our recording industry in Boise, having recorded for years with countless bands; he greatly benefits Boise's music industry. Just as I mentioned Tonic Room in my interview, I have not one single problem supporting all studios publicly. I have no motives otherwise. The more great music recordings coming out of Boise the better the music scene. Keep up the good work, studios of Boise.

—Steve Fulton,



We sure wish we had correctly identified the address of Eyes of The World Imports. The store is now located at 1576 W. Grove St. Call them at 208-331-1212.