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Mail January 21-January 27, 2008

Putting the Pee in PUblic

"Public Restroom." What a novel idea. (BW, News, "Nowhere to Go," Jan. 14, 2009.) Maybe the city should set up a few. The European model of having an attendant who receives tips seems workable. Oops, can't have public benefits in a "free market" economy. Let them piss on the cake before they eat it.



You Sure Did Love This Cover

Amazing work. This artist is to be commended. I will be visiting the Black History Museum so I can see his other work. I look forward to seeing more of P.R. in future editions.



Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last from the most vile, corrupt, evil, criminal, presidential administration in American history.



Bill Cope, the Kenny Rogers Act-a-Like

Bill Cope's idea that people are better off with Bush leaving office has merit, as in any transition of this magnitude, there are winners and losers. (BW, Opinion, "Bye, Bye Bush," Jan. 7, 2009.) But Cope's list of names who are better off lists some mighty inane examples.

Tell me, just how in the hell are Tim Robbins' and his idiot wife [Susan] Sarandon's lives going to be affected by the new president or the departure of Bush? Higher tax rate? Soupy Sales could sit in the Oval Office for all they care as long as he was of their party. Jane Fonda? The French?

Bill, how about adding to your list of folks better off with Bush gone. Let's include the Taliban or any other terrorist group. Michael Moore? You gotta be shittin' me.

The list goes on with other world-event shapers such as Babs Streisand and George Clooney. These people could give a rat's ass about the White House administration, except for the fact that they would limit the limelight and exposure gained by bashing someone more important than themselves.

Then Cope starts another list of folks and agencies who are worse off. Grab a copy of the BW of Jan. 7-13 and see for yourself. What about the population of the United States? Aren't we better off since there's been no attack on U.S. soil under Bush since 9/11?

There are hundreds of citizens of Spain, Indonesia and India who are worse off for not following the Bush administration's policy on dealing with terrorist groups. There's a school of thought among strategists and thinkers that Obama will dismantle the nation's ability to defend against attacks upon our soil or other areas of interest.

His nomination of Leon Panetta as head of CIA is a prime example. Without the leverage provided by national security agencies, we need to come to the realization that the probability of another attack is increased.

Obama is not my guy, but I sincerely pray that he is successful and can withstand the negative pressure if he is not.

What happened to the Bill Cope stuff I first read back in 1990? He had a most warm and insightful manner to his words. Three weeks worth of tripe about mince meat pie?

These days, he reminds me of Kenny Rogers. Forget what you stood for back in the day Bill, and jump on the hate and discontent band wagon, for that is what sells. Or in Kenny Rogers' case, dump the '70s drug culture and switch to country.

—Pecos Bill (an alias), Caldwell

Local, Local, Local

Do you like the community or neighborhood you live and work in? If so, I have a suggestion to keep it vibrant. Instead of driving miles or going online to buy your holiday gifts for friends and family, try first to find those gifts at shops in the vicinity where you live or work. I've seen lots of news articles about shopping online and recognize that you can sometimes save by doing that. But when you add the cost of shipping and handling, you're often not saving much.

This year is a tough challenge for local retailers, as well as the buying public. If you hope that the shops in your area will be there in future years, make a commitment to "buy nearby." I can almost guarantee that you'll have a pleasant shopping experience, as you usually deal with an owner or one of a few hand-picked employees who treat their customers with outstanding customer service.

I consider downtown Boise to be my neighborhood, so that's where I'm shopping. I hope others will do the same.

—Sue Reents,