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Plus a recap of the annual Boise Weekly Cover Auction


This week's feature will have people talking, but what will they be saying?

As this week's main feature, "A View to a Kill," started to take shape, my bet was that it would cause quite the stir among Boise Weekly readers--those against the death penalty specifically. Though what we've published is a fairly clinical, unbiased account of the events leading up to an execution, my gut feeling was that it would somehow be perceived as condoning, or even supporting capital punishment.

As I chatted about the piece with a friend the week before it went to press, his comments were quite the opposite of what I'd expected. In his opinion--though he was relying solely on my account of the piece, not having read it himself--the story was glaringly anti-death penalty for the personal connection it forged between Paul Rhoades and the reader.

And so as we go to print with this edition of Boise Weekly, I expect that I'll have plenty of mail to print next week about the story. Whether it's perceived to have been written with a particular slant in mind, I suppose, will depend on what opinions the reader brings to the piece. For our part, we strived to keep it in neutral while essentially reprinting the instructions given to the men and women who have to carry out the task of putting Rhoades to death.

Also in this issue is a recap of last week's Cover Auction, where we raised roughly $17,500. Thanks to those of you who bought a piece of artwork. Better luck next time to those of you who, like myself, were repeatedly outbid. Applications for the private grant, which is funded from the auction proceeds, are now being accepted. Visit boiseweekly.com for instructions.