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Mail February 4-February 10, 2009

On Cope On Bush

I've read Bill Cope for probably three years now, and I've found much with which to disagree with him, namely his partisan stances to the problems we face. He tends to the old Demo party line, while I tend to no one's party line. That said, the last thing Cope wrote on Bush should be carved in stone (BW, Opinion, "Bye Bye Bush, Part III," Jan. 21, 2009). He captured everything I've always thought about that man to a T; frankly I'm jealous. I'd say it is easily the most important thing I've ever read by Cope. Congratulations, Bill.

—Steve Vetter, Boise

Your sophomoric article about President George W. Bush (BW, Opinion, "Bye, Bye Bush, Part III" Jan. 21, 2009) amounts to nothing more than a school yard twit calling another kid names. People can and do disagree on President Bush's time in office. However, your writing is so ideologically biased, you pavlovically foam at the mouth without the least bit of balanced intellectual argument. Most reasonable people are tired of hearing the same far-left and far-right baseless propaganda; all with a zero sum gain.

Your "analysis" completely failed to address real issues, but rather focused on an "off with his head" liberal fascist mentality ... very elitist, pathological, arrogant, immature and weak.

We have a nearly useless Congress that has turned a blind eye to the people. We are talking about 30-plus years across all parties of neglect, corruption, and good ole boy/girl politics. And yet, because you and your breed are in heat about President [Barack] Obama, a man with no more of a track record than many former presidents, you will hypocritically apply a totally different standard to his term in office. However, anyone not a liberal causes uncontrolled vicious and mindless attacks, like a werewolf. Your intellectual dishonesty reeks throughout your so-called work. It was a waste of natural resources used to print it.

No less scorn should be reserved to those that attack President Obama with unimaginable racist remarks, slurs and right-wing vitriol. Both sides are so drunk on their ideology, they are unlikely to see a clear path to the real world, where things can get done.

—Mike Young, Boise

Cope's "opera" (BW, Der Decidermeister, online) has inspired me. Here's my third and final rewrite  of "Strange Brew" by Cream (Disraeli Gears, 1967). I like to call it "Bush Brew III." My apologies to Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and E. Clapton, again. 

Bush brew, tortures your mind for you

He's the Prez of war in white phosphorus red

It worked so well there's 5K American dead

Boo-Hoo, all based on lies it is true

Bush Brew, blind fear did it to you

On a vote in the mid-term way back in '06 

The Dems whipped his ass, with some real cool tricks

Ha ha, rub some salt in the cuts

Bush brew, stir up those base right-wing-nuts 

Bush and Cheney even K-K-K-Karl Rove,

They were roasted in a "change we need" stove

Repubs lose, but the wounds they will stay

Bush brew, goodbye to your 401K 

No pensions SocSec nor medical reform

It's a cluster %#$& called the perfect storm

Cons won! The Reagan project is done

Bush win, now we all need some gin

Obama, Joe Biden even Al Franken

Won the '08 race, it was a real spankin'

Boo hoo, the joke is really on you

Bush's check, the whole country's financial wreck

Bush Brew

Bush Brew

Bush Brew, killed what's inside of you.

(Bluesy play out)

—Chris Morris, Caldwell

Doh! On Fact Checking (And Spell Checking)

Wow, are the effects of the tough economy on BW's staff the reason for the gross errors in referring to Meat Puppets founding bothers [sic], Cris Kirkwood and Curt Kirkwood as Cris and Curt "Kirkman?" (BW, Noise, "Pulling Their Own Strings," Jan. 21, 2009). While the Meat Puppets aren't exactly a household name nowdays [sic], they were hugely influential, and one of the great bands of the '80s and '90s. How embarassing [sic] that your writer couldn't have made the most basic effort to make sure she had Cris and Curt's last name right. Maybe your staff is spread to [sic] thin to do the most elementary homework (think Wikipedia). Kirkman? How embarassing [sic]. No wonder the writer didn't appear to get Cris' sense of humor. BW does get kudos for realizing that this was a rare show that was worthy of an article ... and I bet it gave Cris and Curt a good laugh.

—Mike Young, Boise

(*Editor's Note: This Mike Young is not the same Mike Young on page 3 of "Mail" who chimed in on Cope.)

Which Brings us to ... Media Culpa

We were sure embarrassed to call the Kirkwood brothers the Kirkmans, especially since Cris complimented writer Amy Atkins at the show for an article done well without even mentioning the gaffe. Also in the Jan. 21 issue, we mistakenly printed that Focaccia's does not make their own bread. Diane Dalton, the in-house baker, does in fact bake much of the restaurant's bread, including its rolls and flatbread.