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Mail February 22, 2017


Fake News

Man....I have just read your recent issue. Talk about fake news. I am a hard core Independant. What is with you people. Talk about fake news. I do not like Trump, but what other choice do we have? Hillary is the most corrupt politician I have ever heard of. Look at the truth and try to print that. If either side had presented a better public figure we would have had a real run for the White House. As a independant both parties really screwed up. I could not vote for that corrupt bitch, but if the democrats had presented someone other than her I could have voted for that candidate. I find myself dismayed. There is no one that I could vote for except an independant. Your rag, and I do mean rag, is crap. When obama ran I initially voted for him, but not for a second term as he is the worst president I have ever seen. As for as imigrations goes, as a independant they are here illegally. Damn DEPORT the Mother Fu..ckers. Period. [sic]

—Robert, Boise

Krav Mapplause

Hello. My name is August and I'm the Chief Instructor at Krav Maga Experts Boise. I recently read an article that was posted [Feb. 8] regarding a China Blue incident ["Ted Challenger on His Past, the China Blue Stabbing and Tighter Security"]. I noticed that there was no mention about who did the gun and knife disarm training for the staff. I just thought I'd let you guys know that it was us if in some way it's of interest to you.

Thanks for your time. On a side note we really enjoy Boise Weekly.

—August Ritter, Boise

Add the Words, Already

When asked for a response to an "Add the 4 Words Idaho" protest on Jan. 9, Gov. Otter said, "One of the options I asked folks to look at was what Utah did."

Let's talk about what Utah did. Simply put, the Utah compromise—passed in 2015—bans discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in housing and employment, with some exceptions.

I was living in Utah in early 2015. My husband and I sat in the galleries of the Utah legislature as the bill passed. We attended the ceremony in which the governor signed the bill into law. We celebrated that a law which goes even that far could pass in deeply conservative Utah.

My feelings on the Utah compromise now, however, are mixed. I share the frustration that many feel about this law. It ignores the question of public accommodations. It also extends religious exemptions to church-owned businesses and charities. Many feel that it is wrong to ask LGBTQ people to compromise on their own human rights, and I agree.

Idaho isn't Utah. Gov. Otter and the legislature need work for an Idaho solution. That solution is, quite simply, to add the words.

—Joshua Hayes-Fugal, Boise

No on HB 76

I have asked my legislators to vote NO on House Bill 76, an anti-immigration bill that will disrupt the harmony of our state. Here's why: I have lived among immigrants all my life, both legal and "illegal." My father came to this country when there was no need for paperwork, only a sponsor and ability to get a job. My mother's parents were immigrants who came under the same policies and eventually settled in Idaho. My immigrant family members and immigrants of today are overwhelmingly hardworking, honest people who only want to improve their lives and be treated with respect. I grew up in a small Idaho town knowing personally the abuses that immigrants face. It affects me to this day.

HB 76 will promote discord in communities instead of cooperation, peace, and integration. Immigrants need to be treated with respect, not hate. HB 76 requires local law enforcement to push the boundaries of human rights of immigrants. HB 76 punishes people who defend our neighbors, including the many workers whom we need and should respect for their contributions to the economy of this state. I encourage you to think about your heritage and to write your legislators about HB76.

—Irene Wright, Meridian

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