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Mail December 19-25, 2007

To the Motorheads

I keep hearing that all the problems with motorized travel is caused by just a few bad apples. I don't believe that for a minute. Everyone thinks the rules apply to everyone else except them. Even my brother-in-law who is a doctor drives his ATV cross country when it suits his purposes. He rationalizes it by saying that one or two trips to retrieve downed game won't hurt anything. You get everyone thinking that and you end with freestyle trails everywhere. Which we soon will have. Once a slight trail is made, everyone thinks it is OK to drive it since there is already a trail there. I spend a lot of time hiking and hunting in the back country of Idaho, and I can attest to the damage that is being done out there. It is disgusting and something needs to be done to stop it. Maybe $5-per-gallon gas will help, but I doubt it. I suggested once in a letter to the editor that they need to increase the registration fees to provide trail enforcement since there is virtually none at the time. If the Blue Ribbon Coalition is serious, they should support a fee increase for this purpose. Put your money where your mission statement is.

—Big Gear, online

Cope v. Prater

As a resident of North Idaho and graduate of the University of Idaho, it was a refreshing article by Bill on Prater and the buffoonery that exists in the Treasure Valley about Boise State football. I am sure that Bill has endured death threats and dirty looks since this article has come out but kudos to him for having the brass ones to expose the knucklehead followers for what they are. I am a football/sports fan from way back, but it seems that idol worship is alive and well in Boise. Something has gone awry. Geez, get a life, already. I am grateful I live in North Idaho, and we actually get balanced reporting on Gonzaga, Eastern, Washington State University and Idaho sports week after week. Bill, nice job.

—George Marker, Sandpoint

The Ron Way

Trusting individual human beings to make empowered decisions and cooperate is the basis for a free-market economy.

The IRS does not ask for donations. They simply use force to achieve their desired economic objectives. As individuals or freelance groups, we would rightfully be arrested if we participated in such ventures; for example, armed robbery.

Many Americans accept this redistribution of wealth because it is done in the name of helping those in need. But, when a nation gives an elite governing body the authority to transfer wealth, why is it that those funds are so often misappropriated? Is it a surprise that American tax dollars are now funneled to corrupt corporations, overpaid career politicians, fascist military exploits, etc.? There is a 2008 presidential candidate who unequivocally supports a free-market economy, and his 10-term congressional voting record proves it. His name is Ron Paul.

—Matthew Gustin, Boise

No to Torture

I listened to a news report just the other day with growing disgust and shame. The news report focused on the disappearance of CIA tapes of the torture of Abu Zubaydah. There were so many things to be disgusted and ashamed about in that report that I have found it difficult to sort out and condense my thoughts.

Certainly one of the items in that news report that really crystallized me was the fact that the news service chose to call water boarding "harsh" interrogation. So imagine, tying or taping another human's hands behind his back. Taping or tying his feet together. Taping or tying his legs and knees into a position where he cannot kick. Imagine doing all of this while that human resists with all of his person. Struggling, fighting, crying, screaming, praying, resisting. Then imagine tying him to a board. This person, this human is now completely immobile, completely helpless. Now the job is to drown him. Pour so much water on his face, mouth and nose that when he attempts to breathe he inhales water. Or to mix it up, put his head in a tub of water and keep it there till he has to breathe. He may have to be resuscitated but that will not stop the TORTURE. Are you repulsed, sick to your stomach? I am.

So, to anyone in a position of power, to anyone in any form of our government, on my behalf and as a human being, I am rescinding and revoking any and all permission, implied or explicit. to torture any being, for any and all reasons ... Your actions of torturing are not protecting me or my family. I find all excuses for that behavior wrong. Torture, and all of its politically correct euphemisms, does not serve the long-term or short-term interests of me, my family, my friends or my country. Torturing any human being for any excuse is simply and clearly wrong. This issue and this issue alone is all of the reason we need to throw the sick, sadistic, torturing bastards out of office. We deserve better, the world, deserves better and humanity demands better.

—Bill Amaya, Hailey