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Mail April 15-April 21, 2009

The Biz of Biz

Deanna, Thank you so much for this excellent article (BW, Feature, "Survivor Stories," April 8, 2009). As a small business owner myself, the descriptions you give of the life of a local business owner ring so true. I admire each of the businesses you profile, and it gives me encouragement during this unprecedented time to know that these companies are feeling positive. Since these local icons have successfully weathered similar financial storms in the past, I feel hopeful that by continuing to work hard and staying debt-free, my little company can come through this as well, and maybe even be stronger as a result. Thank you for your fine reporting.

—RileySue, online

Death and Taxes

The existence of yearly property tax results in the cancellation of all private home and land ownership. Isn't it just a government lease if you continually have to pay on it, even though you "own" it?

I know someone who pays approximately $3,600 a year in property taxes for a modest home in North Boise. This is a property/home that has been paid off, yet there's still an effective $300/month rent payment. Just like rent, eviction is the price for non-payment of property tax. Those in poverty must continue renting indefinitely, keeping them in poverty.

Property tax is also a double tax in effect; it requires payment with money that has already been taxed via income tax.

Then pile on our ever-present and hidden, Federal Reserve inflation tax. Read G. Edward Griffin's The Creature from Jekyll Island for a full documentation of the fraud that has been taking place since 1913. Those printing presses just keep on rolling, evaporating the value of every American dollar.

The middle class cannot sustain itself without private land ownership, and a free market with a silver- or gold-based money supply. All have been stripped from Americans. Widespread poverty will be the result (www.mises.org).

—Matthew Gustin, Boise