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An Even More Modest Proposal (with apologies to Jonathan Swift)

Like most true patriots, I have found myself left uneasy in recent months as I have seen my beloved country beset on all sides by enemies in our midst, our freedoms lost, our descent into fascism all but certain. Though assured by a sage correspondent who follows these matters closely that "Real Americans still comprise almost half of all Americans and growing," we are still left with the vexing question of what to do with the greater than 50 percent who aren't Real Americans. Some have suggested using the electoral process to right this wrong, but the most recent election results surely show the folly of that method. The democratic process itself has led us to our current state of tyranny by the putative majority, and further resort to electoral politics will only serve to strengthen the hand of the subjugator.

I shall now therefore humbly propose my own thoughts, which I hope will not be liable to the least objection.

I've been assured by a very knowledgeable acquaintance in the legal profession (though nonetheless a True American), that the classification of this tyrannical elite as Enemy Combatants is entirely practicable within certain of our State Courts. Subsequent to that ruling, those so deemed can be legally detained indefinitely; without resort to the voting booth, these traitorous curs will see entire jurisdictions freed overnight from their unholy dominion. With our newfound majority, we can once again utilize the sacred democratic processes bequeathed to us by our Founding Fathers to nationalize the institution of these detention facilities, and will quickly see America returned to Real Americans, with liberty and justice for all.

I would remind those that decry these methods as too draconian of the words of Barry Goldwater, who said, "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice [and] moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!" Our very liberty is at stake here; half measures will not serve! To those that would quibble about the logistics of identifying and excising this cancerous mass from our body politic, I say only this: Beware that you don't become so infected with the malignancy of "Reason" and "Due Process" that you find that you require the scalpel yourselves!

--Pamela Myhre,


Ah, health care. You guessed it, it's still the topic du jour

Why should anyone heed what even rational Republicans say about health-care reform? The ignorance and rowdiness exhibited by right-wingers at town halls across the country are causing millions of Americans to turn a deaf ear to all Republicans.

The town hall "protesters" have been duped with a cartload of misinformation by protest organizers and national Republican leaders who seem to think derailing health-care reform will gain them some victories, or TV ratings, or will "break" America's first Black president.

Ignored amid the lying and shouting are the needs of every American facing overwhelming health-care bills, the 14,000 who lose their health insurance each day, thousands of others clinging to jobs for fear of losing health insurance or, even if employed, can't afford insurance. Ignored are thousands of families facing bankruptcy because someone became ill, thousands denied coverage because of preexisting medical conditions, and senior citizens drowning in prescription drug costs.

One "evil" the rowdies have coined is "socialized medicine." I guess they would like Americans to stop accepting Medicare payments, Social Security checks, federal payments to schools, CRP payments to farmers, monies that come into our counties to fight wildfires ... you get the idea: spooky scary "socialism." None of these monies come without strings, by the way, but no one I know ever says, "No, thanks."

If the Republican-right succeeds in shouting down health-care reform, all of us will pay the price, and an ever larger majority of Americans will stop listening to Republicans.

--Borg Hendrickson, Kooskia

BW readers/letter writers are one-sided on health-Care opinions

I was reading your letters to the editor, and I noticed your mistake in the rules for these letters. It does not seem to mention that varying opinions are not permitted. Despite the fact that the majority of Americans oppose Obamacare, you have nine out of nine letters condemning those who oppose it. If you also take into account that this is a red state, it's even less likely that you could not find a single letter opposing Obamacare. Do you ever pretend that your paper is not full of liberal propaganda? Hitler created a similar health-care program, and his supporters put out similar propaganda. He didn't start by slaughtering people, he started with socialism. And to some of the letters written in this week's issue (BW, Mail, Aug. 19, 2009), socialized education is about as efficient as a concrete life jacket. Many of those schools encourage oral sex as a deterrent to teen pregnancy.

--Nick Jensen, Caldwell