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Good for the Goose, Good for the Gander

After reading the June 24 article in citydesk by Nathaniel Hoffman (BW, citydesk, "In the Nampa Mayor's Race," June 24, 2009), a genetic, non-operative male heterosexual, I wondered how gender was related to the Nampa mayor's race. If Melissa [Sue Robinson] has the qualifications for the office of Mayor in Nampa or any other city, she should be allowed a place on the ballot. Sexual orientation or gender are not qualifications for civic office.

Nowhere in the article did I see Tom Dale identified as the genetic, non-operative male heterosexual candidate for Nampa Mayor. Balanced coverage would be a good thing.

--Janice Eby, Caldwell

Bikers Should Unite

Thanks so much for your article discussing the ongoing effort to increase bicycle safety in Boise last week (BW, News, "Critical Mass," July 1, 2009). I'd like to add a few bits to it for clarity. The article stated that the idea to organize the ride to the places where Tom Bettger, Jim Chu and Kevin Pavlis were hit by cars over a three-week period was born out of my frustration and anger and that I wasn't leading any efforts to raise cycling awareness.

First, to clarify, this effort wasn't just born out of my own personal frustration and anger. A number of people helped organize the ride because a lot of people had strong emotions about this, from grief to anger to feeling helpless, and the realization that the deaths that occurred could have just as easily been any one of us or someone we love. We wanted to express this in a proactive way to acknowledge these three tragedies, and do something we thought would help motivate action.

Second, I think it's safe to say that the people involved--the ride organizers, the 85-plus cyclists who participated in this ride and the families of the cyclists who were killed--indeed feel that we were heading up an effort to raise cycling awareness and improve the cycling infrastructure.

I was dismayed that this ride was opposed by some cycling clubs. We are all working toward the same goal--increasing cycling safety in Boise, whether it's raising awareness, working with law enforcement or pushing for better bike lanes. We need to bring all types of cyclists into the effort together, whether they're hipsters on fixies, bike commuters, parents of kids who bike, bike club members or racers. The hard work of the folks who are leading these efforts is commendable and clearly making a difference. We're here to help.

--Stuart Bryson, Boise

The Public School Bias

To be fair, the public school movement in general was founded on some questionable principles (BW, News, >"Classical Class," July 8, 2009). Horace Mann, the "father of American education," said that the purpose of schools was social engineering and bringing children across the nation into a single sociopolitical world view. If there are questionable ties with the new charter school, then they should be investigated. But please do not pretend that the glorious government schools are free of bias, that they are not attempting to turn each generation into a malleable crowd of followers, easily susceptible to platitudes like "hope" and "change." And we, the taxpayers, pay an exorbitant price for that product, regardless of whether we will ever use it.

I imagine that the only ones who would raise concerns about a school that desires to teach Latin and hold children to a standard long abandoned by the government school movement, contributing to its subsequent decline, are those who fear that children will begin to be "indoctrinated" by a philosophy other than the usual liberal fare.

--Publius772000, BW online

Rall Has a Fan

Bless you, Ted. At last, some truth spoken about our new leader that was so full of promises (and himself). I for one would love to see this article in a national newspaper (BW, >"Sorry Mr. Bush," July 8, 2009). Here's a thought ... Show us some truth that our new prez is a natural born U.S. citizen. You can't. Biggest cover up yet. He's not. God help us, we are in such trouble with this guy. He fits right in there with Hitler and Stalin, does he not? Some of us who are not "sheep" can see what he's up to.

Thanks, Ted. Keep them coming.

--american62, BW online

Rall Has a Non-fan

Found this random Ted quote regarding the guy he "misses and respects" ...

Re: Bush: "My theory is that essentially, people don't like to think they're living in a country that's led by an evil, dictatorial madman. But they are, they are living in Nazi Germany, in Stalinist Russia."

Uh huh. And Obama is somehow worse than this ass you yourself stated is "an evil, dictatorial madman." ... Hypocritical much, Ted?

--karcreat2, BW online

Rall Has Another Fan

Stick with Rall in good times and in bad. He was a welcome alternative to the standard drivel during the Bush years and now helps me to keep my cynical guard up even when things seem to be improving. If you don't print him, I'll go find him on the Web.

--GT,BW online

Kudos Kennedy

Thank you for writing about Joel [Kennedy] and his ongoing quest to shed light on the tomfoolery of Idaho politics. (BW, Citizen, "Joel Kennedy," July 8, 2009.)

--Red State Rebel, BW online

On Vista Book's Closing

I've got a lot of good memories about that place. Back when I used to travel a lot, it was a regular stop to stock up on things to read on those horrid cross-country flights. Nice folks, nice store.

--Michael Smith, Facebook

losing indie biz

Lots of local indie business could use some help (BW, "Vista Book Galley Closing," July 10, 2009). I'm afraid that Boise is going to wind up a city of chain stores and franchises.

--Bob Hodge, Facebook

All the Rage

I've got a Lola, too! (BW, Feature, "What the Cluck?" July 8, 2009.) My three chicks are great and have [laid] three eggs a day for a year. They have personalities and recognize you when you come out although I am sure it is a person [equals] food response. Super fun and practical. North End is great for urban chicks, and chickens, for that matter.

--lilyloreh,BW online