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Mail and Commentary September 15, 2010

Hey Gov Wannabes: How You Gonna Deal With the Shit?

I read "Cow Country" by Scott Weaver in the Sept. 1 edition of Boise Weekly. It is a well-written expose of the "mounting" problem caused by mega dairies in Idaho. I think the Idaho Statesman would do well to follow up on it.

It is one thing to promote agriculture, but when Brian Oakey, deputy director of Idaho State Department of Agriculture, openly admits that he has a dual role to both promote and also regulate, there is something suspect about the department, its policies and a governor who obviously favors the good-old-boy network.

To quote the article, "Problems with waste containment lead to illegal discharges. But this information is kept secret from the public thanks to a change made during the last legislative session. The Idaho Legislature labeled stats on cow [expletive for manure] 'proprietary information,' exempt from public disclosure ... When asked what in a NMP (Nutrient Management Plan) could be considered a trade secret, Oakey said, 'Well I don't know. I'm not a feedlot operator, so I'm not qualified to answer that. We just implement that part of the statute.'"

What are Governor Otter or Mr. Allred going to do to protect the interests of Idaho people and their groundwater quality?

--Sharon Nelson,Pacific Grove, California

Throw Out the Worst, Vote Durst

The same gang that wrecked the whole world's economy and involved us in hopeless wars want back in. I can hardly wait. Their big issue is the economy and jobs. Ha! Ever hear, "I'm not sending jobs overseas?" Wasn't spoken by a Democrat.

Tea partyists who are anti-tax will be the first to complain about closed-down schools and deteriorated roads. Speaking of schools, the Idaho school budget suffers while the Idaho Tax Commission excuses millionaires and corporations from paying due taxes. 'Tis sad commentary on a state run by Republicans, but what can you expect?

Let's bring Branden Durst into the fray. He's a forceful young man who has shown his mettle as a representative and will do even better as a state senator for District 18.

In the name of Working Stiffs for Democrats,

--Joe Bejsovec,Boise


We sure wish we would have spelled the name of last week's Find, Green Chutes, correctly.