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Mail and Commentary October 6, 2010

"How much longer until we admit to ourselves that we treat Garden City like they moved here illegally?"

--Mikey Pullman (boiseweekly.com, Citydesk, "Boise's Fire Station 18 Closes," Oct. 1, 2010)

Media Blame Game

Local media makes or breaks a local music scene.

I, like many, feel very sad about last week's story of Old Boise Guitar closing. It dawned upon me while reading the bad news that perhaps the biggest reason for the failure of the Boise original music scene to develop is the lack of coverage from local media.

As the economy tanked in late 2007, I noticed more and more coverage of national music and less and less coverage of local music, including CD reviews and radio airplay. As local bands and recording studios worked hard to produce quality music and shows, local media ignored the work and sought only to protect their bottom line.

You, the media, have an inherent ability to make your local community a better place. America is now overrun with corporations and it is only going to get worse. In 20 years when the streets are littered with Walmarts, Taco Bells and Nickelback is on the radio 24/7, remember the role you played in it. Turning your head away from your own back yard is strangling the local music scene.

--Jason Ringelstetter,Boise

It's Bad, So Bad

I fully understand that "Dude Howdy" was the first-place winner in the eighth annual Boise Weekly Bad Cartoon contest, but will we ever be free of it? Surely there's another bad cartoonist out there to which you can subject us for a while, just for some relief, if you feel you must pay weekly tribute to nonsense. And by the way, where's Tom Tomorrow this week?

--Charlotte Chaney,



The Sept. 29 edition of Boise Weekly should have credited Patrick Sweeney for the photo on Page 14 and Laurie Pearman for the photo on Page 34.