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Mail and Commentary Oct. 26, 2011

"As a vampire, I have been greatly offended."

--Vampy88 (BW, News,"Broadway Bar Noose Sparks Debate," News, BW, October 19, 2011)

Idaho One of Three

Registered voters: If you want to add a felony penalty for third convictions of animal abuse and torture--as it is in every state except Idaho, North Dakota and South Dakota--there are petitions to be signed at ArtSmith on Vista Avenue, the Doghouse on Franklin Boulevard, Simply Cats, Eastgate Vet, idaho1of3.org and more places. Please take the time to sign a petition if you are a registered voter.

--Cheryl Magni, Boise

Senior Squeeze

I am paying almost $250 per month for Medicare Advantage, just for me. I know a retired federal employee who is paying $250 per month for family coverage--husband and wife. Congress wants to raise the premium for current Medicare recipients. I paid into Medicare when I was working. In addition to this, I paid high federal taxes. I can't afford an increase in my premium. The federal government wastes tax dollars right and left, then wants to cut Social Security and Medicare on older Americans who will have a hard time finding work to supplement their income. Here are just two examples of waste and there are a lot more: 1) The United States dollar gives millions of dollars every year to foreign countries to combat child labor. This should be done by charitable organizations, not U.S. tax dollars. 2) The Social Security Administration sent out millions of dollars in Social Security checks to dead people. How does this happen?

--Judy Ford, Boise

Jealousy: Opium of the Masses

Karl Marx said that religion is the opiate of the masses. He was wrong, of course, the real opiate of the masses is jealousy, which those in power use to vilify the very wealthy, and thus get support from the "have-nots." Those in power (the Obama administration), including sycophants, such as Michael Moore and Al Gore, are very wealthy themselves. Do you think they want their wealth redistributed? I think not.

--Bill Place, Meridian

Biz Man Romney

Remember the "house flippers"? They provided some equity, took out a big mortgage and bought a house. They fixed it up a little. Then they sold the house, paid back the mortgage and kept all the increase in equity value. This worked really well when credit was easy and home prices went up, up and up. Do you know about the "company flippers"? They provided some equity, took out a big loan and bought a corporation. They fixed it up a little. Then they sold the company, paid back the loan, and kept all the increase in equity. This worked really well when credit was easy and stock prices went up, up and up.

It's called a leveraged buyout. It's how Mitt Romney made his fortune. Romney is as much a businessman as a house flipper is a carpenter.

--Chuck Castlewood, Boise

On Crime and Punishment

On Boise Weekly's Facebook page, readers recently posted opinions on the death penalty as Idaho readies for its first execution in 17 years. The following comments are selections from that discussion.

"Smoke 'em if you got 'em." --Aaron Sheehan

"We murder them for murdering someone else, doesn't make sense to me." --Stacie Aspiazu

"Just in time! One less turkey leg for the prison to buy!" --Chris Olsen


In last week's News section, Laurie Pearman should have been credited as the photographer on Page 9.