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Mail and Commentary November 10, 2010

That's right, douchebag, I'm talking to you!

Your blog posting, "Mr. Sulu Calls Member of Arkansas School Board 'A Douchebag'" came to my attention as a link in Texas Freedom Network's News clips (BW, Cobweb, Nov. 4, 2010).

Your excellent newspaper, which I encountered on a visit to Boise last summer, has now been brought to the attention of the many Texans who subscribe to TFN's news summaries.

Thank you for the posting of the video clip and accompanying comments, which I had not seen previously.

--Sharon Salih, Fort Worth, Texas

Butch: A Vote Against Idaho

Looks like two more years of gridlock, just when we're starting to climb out of recession. Back to the era of witch hunts, as the new House leadership pursues one investigation after another instead of what matters.

You don't believe me? Then why won't Rep. John Boehner do like Nancy Pelosi did two years ago and order emphatically that "we're taking impeachment off the table"? Instead, Boehner and Mitch McConnell, with their screwed-up priorities, declare that the most important thing they can achieve is to make Barack Obama a one-term president. They go about piously chanting "the American people this," "the American people that"--as if the American people were not the ones who elected Obama as their president.

The phenomenon of this election season was a political movement driven by the Republican Party, which advocates less government and the disappearance of essential services like health care, retirement and public education. If these people take over the government, the United States could return to the dark ages in which only the wealthy have access to decent health care or university education and the elderly beg in the street.

Republicans won't tell you that the deficit created by Obama is much lower than that created by George W. Bush--and most of Obama's spending went to repair the collapse of the financial system caused by the uncontrolled capitalism of the Bush era. Obama saved their arses from disaster and still they would turn back the clock. Repealing health care will add $140 billion to the deficit. That and their $700 billion tax breaks for rich people must be borrowed from China.

Idahoans are so concerned about the state of education in Idaho, but what do they do? They re-elect Butch Otter. What makes people vote against their own self-interest?

--Sherrie Goff, Pocatello