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Mail and Commentary May 25, 2011

"Neither I, nor any of my family and friends will visit your state again until this 'killing of wildlife' stops. ALL beings are created equal."

--Dotti (Boiseweekly.com, Citydesk, "Fish and Game Announces New Wolf Monitoring Efforts," May 15, 2011)

Post-Election Promises

On Tuesday, May 17, 2011, voters elected me to serve on the five-member Greater Boise Auditorium District board. I am humbled by, and very grateful for the show of support, and plan to work hard to prove that I am worthy of the public's trust.

This was my first run for elected office in Idaho. While it was hard work, it was also a wonderful experience. I learned that people--even those you have known for years and consider friends--can surprise you in positive ways. Also, my feelings about how much I care about the future of this city I consider home was reinforced.

Finally, my campaign manager's calm demeanor and clear focus, even in the thick of it, reminded me of a truth I learned long ago: With the right person at your side, anything is possible. Thank you, Joan, for being that right person these last 29 years.

During the campaign, I talked about the direction I thought the GBAD board should take. Not surprisingly, there were those naysayers who disagreed with me. I expected it, and I can accept that. If you try to please everyone you end up pleasing no one.

But where I hope we can all agree is that Boise is a great city. Mayor Dave Bieter's vision and goal to make this the most livable city in the country is both worthwhile and achievable. I happen to agree with him and hope to play a part in making that vision a reality.

But to realize that goal, we, as a community, must actively support the vision for Boise's future. And our leaders--from the public and private sector--must help keep us focused on that vision. Success will never come if we allow ourselves to be distracted by the challenges of the present or the past. We all have a stake in Boise's future.

From what I learned on the campaign trail I know there are many others who share my conviction. Only by working together can we make certain that the GBAD board creates innovative kinds of public facilities that will help define the district for years to come. And through the responsible development and creative promotion of those facilities, GBAD and its partners, can continue to play a significant role in this District's economic success.

Again, my thanks to the many friends, supporters and strangers who made my election victory possible. Now, let the real work begin.

--Hy Kloc,


Rall Missed the Mark

Sorry, Ted Rall, but your opinion on "Osama's Victory" (BW, Opinion, May 11, 2011) is naive and off the mark. To begin with, it hasn't played poorly "overseas" at all (wherever that may be). If you mean Europe, then you're dead wrong. I travel to Europe regularly and have lived there for more than half my life and can tell you that Europeans are just as happy to be rid of OBL and are all the safer for it.

Or do you need to be reminded about the thousands of people murdered through terrorist acts that he is directly responsible for in the United Kingdom, Spain, Africa and Pakistan itself? Would you have wanted him to be brought to trial, with all the publicity and further problems that would have entailed? Imagine that--al-Qaida terrorists committing further bombings against innocent citizens around the world, hoping to extort an exchange for his release?

As for your word choice, he was not "assassinated." He is not worthy of the word. Executed perhaps. But that has been the mission since 9/11--to hunt him down. We have been at war with al-Qaida, and the war is not over, even with his death. As for the rest of your conjecture about the nature of Islam or its "narrative," your column is written so childishly that I can't begin to pick it apart in the 300-word limit afforded here. Wise up.

--Joe Brennan