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Mail and Commentary March 31, 2010

Quote of the Week:

"What the hippies don't seem to understand is that they are now the Establishment, their establishment sucks, and the rest of us are getting very tired of what they have established."

--Coldwedge, BW online

Palin Part I

The cover of your March 10 edition (Peter Barnes, Mother Palin) is pure blasphemy. Do you truly consider a caricature of the Blessed Mother Mary to be art? Would your publication consider a caricature of Mohammed to be funny? Rest assured, I will never support your paper, nor will I buy goods from your advertisers.

--Dr. Mary Ellen Nourse,Boise

Palin Part 2

With all the ruckus surrounding [Sarah] Palin and those who advocate a fair electoral process, it's difficult to imagine how her supporters do not see her tactics as domestic terrorism.

--Bill Favor,Boise

Damn that rall

Ted Rall's recent opinion piece on The Hurt Locker (BW, "Triumph of the Swill," March 17, 2010) was very disturbing to me. Saying that American troops are trained to shoot first and that they don't care for civilians is unmitigated bullshit. My suspicion is that Rall has never been a soldier and for sure he has no knowledge of the military. While in general I believe war is a very bad idea, Rall's drivel is an insult to every American combatant trying to do a horrible job with dignity and dedication. I can just imagine how the family and friends of any loved one serving in Iraq or Afghanistan might feel after reading Rall's ranting.

--David Bagnard,Garden Valley