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Mail and Commentary June 9, 2010

Quote of the Week: "Miles Daisher has bigger balls than Chuck Norris!"

--I know Miles D (BW, Rec, "Flying Down," June 2, 2010)

The Great Boise Hole Mess

The construction pit at Eighth and Main has stood out to me since it was created. As time has passed, the situation with the Boise Hole has caused me more and more frustration. Walking by the hole on my way to Alive After Five or during the Saturday Market, it's a shame that such a prime piece of real estate is sitting unused. A group on Facebook was recently formed to address this issue. The stance of the group, called Turn the Boise Hole into an Urban Park! (http://bit.ly/a1rWi6), is that it is unfair to the people who live in and love Boise to leave this hole in the heart of our city unfilled. The Facebook group has grown to more than 2,000 members in just two weeks, a testament to how big an issue this truly is. One of the first actions of the group was to write e-mails to the mayor's office, asking for the issue of the hole to be addressed. There has been no reply or acknowledgement of the hundreds of e-mails that were sent. The time has come for our city leaders to take whatever steps are necessary to take back the Boise Hole and turn it into a space that can be used, possibly an urban park. Imagine having a patch of grass, a few trees and some benches in that spot. Suddenly the Saturday Market patrons will have some space to spread out into, the weekday lunch crowd will have another spot to enjoy their sandwiches on nice days, and all Boiseans will be able to enjoy a gathering place that was once a hole in the heart of our city. We want to be proud of our city, and the Boise Hole makes us ashamed.

--Catherine Amend, Boise; Aubrey, Balfour, Boise; Maddie Breen, Middleton; Barb Cochrane, Boise; Dan de Varona, Boise; Lisa Hall, Emmett; Cody Pratt, Boise

No BM on the BW

Just a small note. You can quit printing eight to 10 Boise Weeklys each week now. My chickens have grown and they said they don't have to take a "BM" on the "BW" any more. Bad thing about it is they want to grow up as Democrates [sic] so, Nov. 2, I'll cut their ugly heads off.

--Bob Kiah, Boise