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Mail and Commentary June 23, 2010

Quote of the Week: "For all the pearls Bill Cope so skillfully cast, they are meaningless to swine ..."

--WWIImartin, boiseweekly.com (BW, Opinion, "Plug Ugly," June 23, 2010)

One for Rall

Greetings local alternative information purveyors.

I issue this correspondence to bring attention to some things I personally believe are important.

While I have the general tendency to wrinkle my nose at Ted Rall and his column, I found myself in total agreement with this week's rant (BW, Opinion, "Bad Mouth," June 16, 2010). You see, I am a firm believer in all things constitutional. What I mean by that is I believe America has become such a serious mockery of what was originally intended that maybe the whole shebang should be filed as some sort of failed experiment. But, as Helen Thomas learned, when you have a "Zionist-occupied government," freedoms become more like permissions, as Mr. Rall stated. Especially when you direct any kind of not only negative sentiment, but even dare to question the authority of decisions. Like it or not, speech is not the only constitutional "permission" that is becoming negated more and more everyday. What about unreasonable search and seizure? Or the second amendment? How about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Also, I fail to understand how other more serious (in my opinion) issues fail to be recognized on a larger scale in your publication. I refer to the tiny column on local food economy, which really needs to be restructured, and the little tiny mention in the 8 Days Out section about the lecture for marijuana legalization at the public library.

All of these are serious issues that need to be addressed on a larger scale. Freedom is important. So is local economy. As an employee at Bittercreek Ale House, I have the opportunity to meet and work with local farmers and understand the importance of their survival. I like food. I really like fresh food. I also like that at the very least, my freedom to go to the farmers market and purchase fresh food has not been negated by corporations who would rather sell me canned or frozen food for half the price. F*** that!

Because canned vegetables taste so much better. Hah! What the f*** is wrong with people?

--Bruce DeVino Jr.,

: Boise

One Against Rall

Ted Rall's column in the June 16 issue of Boise Weekly is deeply flawed ("Bad Mouth"). Rall states three generations of Jews have made their home in Israel, as if no Jews lived there before the 20th century. Jews have had a constant presence, despite the violent dispersals that started over 2,600 years ago in Israel, once called Palestine. Yes, the ancestors of most Jews there now moved to Israel once it became a state, mostly in the years following 1948--specifically when 800,000 Jews from Muslim countries moved there, fleeing oppression and murder at the hands of their Muslim neighbors, not to mention the European survivors of the Holocaust. In fact, many Jews from Poland, Germany and Hungary did try to go back to their homes after WWII (as Helen Thomas suggested they should) only to be murdered by their countrymen who didn't want them to return.

Of course Helen Thomas is entitled to her bigoted opinion. I have yet to hear one person say she isn't. Rall uses free speech as a canard to distract from the real issue: Does Hearst want Thomas' kind of ignorance and contempt to be representing them on a world stage, specifically at the White House?

Just because all of the other haters haven't been fired for their incendiary speech doesn't mean that Helen Thomas shouldn't be.

No one owes Helen Thomas an apology. Perhaps she owes one to Hearst for tarnishing their reputation.

--Elizabeth Rodgers, Boise

Road Sharing, the Saga Continues

I'm glad that Patrick T. Storey (BW, Mail, June 16, 2010) has obtained a free copy of "Idaho Bicycling Street Smarts," and I hope that many others will do so as well. The advice contained therein is meant to be taken as a whole, not quoted out of context in an attempt to prove a point.

For example, while it is certainly true that "A well-designed bike lane should encourage you to ride in the correct position on the road," the same paragraph concludes as follows: "Remember: Don't hesitate to leave the bike lane when necessary for your safety--all the guidelines about lane position in this book apply whether or not there is a bike lane."

The overall message of "Street Smarts" is that (with very few exceptions) the safest way for a cyclist to ride is as part of the normal traffic pattern, and that it is legal for other traffic to have to slow down for a cyclist from time-to-time. It's an excellent resource for all who wish to ride as safely, efficiently and predictably as possible.

--Robert Tencate, Boise

Status Quo

When are we going to learn that our representatives in Congress are just there to maintain the status quo? Sen. Jim Risch is so proud that he has kept Mountain Home Air Force Base going. This is a fool's idea of "jobs for Idaho." How much of our tax dollars is supporting these insane wars and "military industrial complex" that Republican President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about. Our tax dollars would be better spent developing wind, solar and other non-polluting industries that can power our state. This will allow us to break down the dams that clog the Snake River and let the salmon runs return and feed our tourist industries. Our representatives do not listen to us. They have their own agenda fueled by lobbyists' donations. We need leaders in Idaho who will break from the failed agendas of the past.

--David Theiler, Boise

Can It

The following comments were posted at facebook.com/boiseweekly on "Road Sharing 101 Adds Cans to the Mix," a Citydesk post about trash cans in the bike lane on Ustick Road.

The trash company requires those can to be out there--and it looks to me like there is a big wide empty sidewalk right behind the cans so shut up.

--Ron Gardner

That is a bike lane, the sidewalk is for walkers. How about we put those trash cans out in the street for those of you who are part of our oil crisis?

--Andrea B. Gallagher

Biking on the sidewalk can be very dangerous with lots of driveways, side streets and curb cuts, not to mention very slow. I wonder where the old trash cans were put?

--Marcia Franklin

Why are we discussing a dozen trash cans that are only out one day a week? If this is really a problem we should just give up on having a harmonious city right now.

-- Mikey Pullman