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Mail and Commentary June 13, 2012

Defenders Needed

Edward Abbey once said, "The idea of wilderness needs no defense, only defenders." This rings true more than ever as the Republican-controlled House recently passed the Sportsmen's Heritage Act, H.R. 4089. The Senate is prepared to vote on a similar bill, S. 2066.

The Sportsmen's Heritage Act would gut the Wilderness Act of 1964 and turn places like the Selway-Bitterroot and Frank Church wildernesses into game farms for hunters, trappers, fishermen and motorized recreationists. Disguised as wildlife conservation, the legislation would permit public land managers to build roads and permanent structures in wilderness to accommodate outfitters. It would allow any motor-head in the state to take a motorcycle or four-wheeler into the wilderness, as long as they have a fishing rod or rifle with them.

It gets better. The bill would give managers the green light to allow thinning and logging within wilderness, all in the name of improving elk habitat. Helicopters would be permitted to land in the middle of wilderness so that wildlife could be tranquilized and collared. Your favorite fishing hole could be poisoned and exotic fish planted to increase angling opportunities. All management actions would be exempt from the National Environmental Policy Act, meaning public input, appeals and litigation would be stripped.

Please contact Sen. Jeff Bingaman, chair, Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and tell him this legislation must be blocked. Don't waste your breath with Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch, they are co-sponsors. Learn more at wildernesswatch.org.

--Brett Haverstick,Moscow

the Nickle-versey

In the June 6 edition of Boise Weekly, BW New Media Czar Josh Gross offered a few alternative uses for $45 than purchasing a ticket to Nickleback, which takes the stage at the Idaho Center Wednesday, June 13. Gross' "Don't Listen Here" went viral and the following are a few of the comments left at boiseweekly.com.

Hmm ... no all you Josh Gross haters, this is exactly what journalism needs to be like. When Clear Channel and Live Nation are destroying the present and future of music, it makes journalism like this necessary. This is not the kind of opinion writing that needs to be relegated to Facebook (although I'm sure it would have become just as viral there). ... This is the kind of writing that speaks truth to power: Nickleback is hated because they are an example of music being shoved down people's throats.

--Ben Wigler

I would pay money to watch Josh Gross slap the face of the promoter that brought in Nickleback. Oh wait, they're giving it away. Speaking of which, didn't Nickleback make these tickets a Groupon promotion yesterday? A little more thinking and a little less navel gazing might help the "industry." Booking a cut-rate has-been band in the sticks is the sign of a band in decline, not of good promotion.


I've been all over the country, and I have never seen a more hateful and unsupportive music scene than Boise. There is more shit-talking than actual music. It's people like Mr. Gross here that keep big acts from coming here.

--Doug Hoelbinger

This Josh Gross person is a moron.

--Dookie Hoser

I need to find this Josh Gross and buy him a beer.

--Seamus Patrick Burke

This was unprofessional! Shame on Josh Gross and Boise Weekly.

--Jeff Wong

As someone who is a concert promoter and musician, this article is a slap in the face to those who bring in shows. I am not a fan of Nickleback's at all, but this type of journalism makes it much harder to bring in acts, big or small. Word spreads quickly, and promoters won't take chances if they think that they will be treated like this. Very, very unprofessional. Maybe Josh Gross should get into the promo business and risk his own money.


To the promoter: this paper or any other has no responsibility to endorse your choices. He can offer his opinion. His job does not involve doing your job. If elsewhere there is a paper writing to support these acts, then you have no problem. If there is not, then you probably will not make that mistake again. Books acts people will like and you will make money. That is the promo business.


Most juvenile article I've seen written for BW. I'm so tired of all the hate, not for just Nickleback, in general society. This may not make sense now, but when you grow up, you'll understand; people like stuff and things that aren't necessarily same as the stuff and things you like, it doesn't make your stuff better. Full disclosure: I don't care one way or the other for their music.

: --ReasonablePlea