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Mail and Commentary July 14, 2010

Comment of the Week:

"Well, as we all know, Americans are only white men, so of course any words that have anything to do with anything not strictly English (you know, from white people) will have to go: cookie, kindergarten, barbecue, chili, spaghetti, anchor, cruise, rodeo, avocado, banana, cookbook, iceberg, easel, etch, bonanza, freight, zig-zag, cafeteria, canoe, chocolate, canyon, geek, gas, gin, hate, holster, cockroach, landscape, luck, noodle, hamburger, tundra, vodka, paprika, coffee, wok, panda, tomato, walrus, horde, llama, pastrami, avalanche, guitar, patio, tornado, yo-yo, tattoo, curry, hammock, taboo, limbo, cashew, tapioca, parka, cigar, shark, tae kwon do, tango, okra, dollar, muffin, jaguar ...

And, of course: Republican (res publica). I think it is definitely time for the Republicans to go."

--Last Moderate in Idaho (boiseweekly.com, Citydesk, "What's English for Burrito?" July 9, 2010)


As someone who enjoys eating birds and animals, I feel qualified to answer Glenn Newkirk's totalitarian question. Glenn, I am appalled by the devastation of animal life done by the Gulf oil spill. I am also a carnivore and subsidize the systematic killing of food-worthy animals for my family's dinner table. I know meat and dairy can harm the environment and my family's life (as you contend), but my family will still enjoy one of the longest life expectancy rates in the world. Glenn, when the average life expectancy for a carnivorous American starts to decline, then I'll start to worry. Until then, your rhetoric is ill-founded and narrow-minded. If that's your definition of a "more original thinker" then I've got news for you--your actions are unoriginal. I have no interest in your desire to change me or my family's habits, nor does your dose of self-righteousness bode well in our democratic society. Now, excuse me while I finish my roast beef sandwich.

--Lew Payne, Eagle

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

This particularly funny interaction occurred at facebook.com/boiseweekly:

This is why we need to legalize and tax marijuana, so we can feed the kids!!

--John R. Sosoka III

Yep ... one of the many reasons it should be legalized and taxed. Idaho can gain $60 million a year--so I've read--off of the many uses of a God given plant.

--Gina Kinney

From hungry kids to pot legalization in one comment, that may be a record.

--Jason Walker