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Mail and Commentary January 26, 2011

No to Tobacco

There was a letter a few weeks back about your advertising the SNUS ads. It made me think that "Yes, your paper is so 'green' and so 'anti-bad things' that why should you guys include these ads?" I really appreciated the last-page ad for Project Filter this week. This will do so much good, better than advertising snuff. I decided to go to idaho.quitnet.com and so has my boyfriend. Thanks!

--Joy Compton, Boise

As a fervent supporter of Boise's alternative publication, I was disheartened to know the Weekly would even consider placing full-page tobacco advertising on its pages. When I spoke to the publisher by telephone about my concerns, I was told, "It's a legal product" and "I'm trying to run a business." I believe the Weekly has a moral and ethical obligation to protect the community from dangerous tobacco products by refusing the industry's disease-tinged money. Just say no.

--David Triggs, Boise

Interesting how you decide to kick the SNUS ads only now. It would be nice if our local alternative paper had a conscience without the locals having to constantly hassle them through letters. Maybe you should use your little heads next time before selling advertising space to some corporate ass holes.

Just some good advice.

--Lucy, Boise

*Editor's Note: Typically we don't run letters signed with only first names, but this one was so good, we had to share it. Sorry, "Lucy," but you may be disappointed to see that we haven't actually kicked the SNUS ads.

On Luna's New Plan

The Lunacy Plan

1. Save money by driving teachers out of education.

2. Destroy teamwork with merit pay.

3. Replace teachers with lap tops.

4. Explain plan with cliches.

--Jim Fennell, Ola

Tobacco and Taxes

Dear Boise Weekly:

As a tax payer I'm footing the bill for Medicaid and frankly, I'm concerned. I've seen the reports that Medicaid is looking at a deficit of over $150 million. At the same time, tobacco use is costing Medicaid $83 million a year. Am I the only one who sees a connection? I fully support increasing the tobacco tax and using those dollars for Medicaid because it just plain makes sense. Like the 67 percent mentioned in the recently published poll, I believe this is a fair tax increase because it helps cover the health-care costs we all pay through higher taxes and higher insurance premiums caused by tobacco use.

By increasing the tax, we can dramatically reduce the number of people who become addicted and address the revenue problems. As our legislators go to Boise in January, I urge them to protect our youth and health-care programs by increasing the tax on tobacco.

--Rita Burns, Caldwell

Double Duty Was Better

I have for years looked forward to Wednesday to read the Boise Weekly. Now, I realize that the most important aspect of the only alternative in Boise was the side-by-side reviews of restaurants. Reading Guy Hand's dull and irrelevant "articles" has been frustrating. Why does the Weekly want to publish such boring writing? Do you actually pay Guy Hand? Unless the old restaurant reviews make it back in a week or two I sadly have to tell you that I no longer will pick up my priceless copy.

--Per Christensen, Boise

Both Sides of Cope

Regarding Bill Cope's recent "Both Sides? NO!" article (BW, Opinion, Jan. 19, 2011): Love how the NeoCons here insult, hurl damaging, pathetic insults at Cope and Libs, etc., but not one of them can refute one word that Cope printed ... mainly because it's dead on true.

"Loughner is as far from right wing as you can get" ... hilarious. Yes, and right wingers are as far from the truth as you can get, too.

Just pathetic.

A NeoCon speaking of the truth is like a Nazi speaking of a love for the Jewish people. What the hell would they know about it to begin with?

Keep up the inept work and the lies, conservatives, while the sane sit off to the side and laugh their collective asses off at you.

--Kevin Karstens, Boise

I agree with Bill Cope's thesis regarding the Arizona shootings and wish to see it extended. John Hinckley used Taxi Driver as a basis to shoot Reagan; let's tighten down on movies. Charles Manson used the Beatles' White Album to launch mass murder; let's tighten up there, too (rap with its incessant calls to kill cops we'll exclude). Mark Chapman used Catcher in the Rye as rationale to kill John Lennon--same for books. I don't recall Cope reacting to the mockumentary depicting, realistically and graphically, George Bush's assassination. Oh wait--that's artistic license and freedom of speech. Got it.

--Thomas V. Munson, Boise