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Mail and Commentary Jan. 12, 2011

"What a bunch of leftist bull$hit!"

--sickntired (BW, News, "What State Are We In?," Jan. 5, 2011)

Golf Claps

Kudos to E.J. Pettinger and Boise Weekly for producing a thoughtful and (more importantly) critical review of Stephen Knapp's "Social Commentary" at BAM (BW, First Thursday, "Site-Specifics," Jan. 5, 2011). More please.

--Ben Browne, Boise

Hotline Alternative

I agree with you that mental-health services in Idaho have always been underfunded. However, I was worried that your "dud" given to the State Legislature for not funding a suicide hotline may leave the impression that there simply are not any hotline resources available (BW, Feature, "Spuds and Duds," Dec. 29, 2010). Idaho residents are welcome to use this number I give to my own clients as a psychologist: 1-800-564-2120. This is staffed 24 hours a day. Knowing how poorly Idaho funds mental-health services and education, I and my colleagues are also dedicated to offering the community frequent free presentations on topics such as parenting, couples relationships, anxiety and depression/suicide prevention. Visit jeffersonstreetcounseling.com for a calendar of events.

--Stephen H. Hill, Ph.D, PLLC, Jefferson Street Counseling and Consulting, Boise

What CIEDRA is Not

I enjoyed your "Spuds and Duds" article, but the items related to CIEDRA show that you apparently don't really understand the issues at all. CIEDRA has never been about "protection." As part of the SNRA, the Boulder-White Clouds are already protected permanently against development, mining, logging and motorized use off of the handful of designated and mapped roads and trails. Sens. Risch and Crapo withdrew their support of the bill not because they are weasels, but because they reacted to the concerned letters and phone calls of their constituents, and because they listened to the congressional testimony on the bill. During this congressional testimony, the main proponents of CIEDRA admitted that the only "protection" the bill would offer would be to close a handful of existing designated roads and trails, most of which have been in use for many decades and are considered to be quite valuable recreational resources.

--Mark Weaver, Kuna

Big, Bad Money

What a shock and surprise to see the three full-page ads for Camel Snus in the Dec. 22, 2010, issue. For an alternative paper who claims its mission is to contribute to the well-being of the community, this certainly flies in the face of that. Snus is hardly harmless. Boise Weekly must be scraping the bottom looking for ad revenue. Looks to me like you've sold your souls to the devil. Tobacco companies spend $58 million a year in Idaho to advertise, and now I know where some of that moolah is going. Thank goodness there are a few other alternatives to news in Boise.

--Jean Calomeni, Boise

Mega Loads Bad Biz

ExxonMobil, the world's largest international corporation, has hired a Dutch company to transport 207 loads of Asian-made equipment bound for Canada across Idaho and Montana. They will also hire the state police to make sure American citizens give up their right to free-flowing travel on U.S. Highways and access to "public" turnouts along those highways.

Once Harvest Energy begins its 40-63 shipments, our police will be contracted to a foreign sovereign power. Harvest Energy is fully owned by the Korea National Oil Corporation, an arm of the Korean government.

Idaho Transportation Department records show that 247-270 shipments are already planned for 2011. Evidence grows that the megaload transports to Canada's tar sands will continue for at least the next 10 years.

The new high and wide transportation corridor now being developed will facilitate the export to Asia of billions of dollars worth of American manufacturing jobs. Idahoans and Montanans will subsidize international corporations and foreign governments with lost time at rolling roadblocks, taxes to repair damaged roadways, lost property values along the transportation corridor and our personal freedoms--and even our state police.

Welcome to the new plutocracy where wealth and power reign.

: --Linwood Laughy, Kooskia