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Mail and Commentary Dec. 14, 2011

"My darling Sheesh. How does it feel to be absolutely perfect? ..."

--boiserobert (boiseweekly.com, Citydesk, "Mega-Load Crash Brings Shipments to Halt," Dec. 10, 2011)

Stop the Mega-Exchange

Now that we have kicked Exxon/Imperial Oil out of the Clearwater Basin, it's time to show the door to Tim Blixseth, and Western Pacific Timber.

The public needs to be aware of the land grab about to take place in the upper Lochsa. Rick Brazell and the Forest Circus just released a supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Upper Lochsa Land Exchange, a hell-bent land grab that would put tens of millions of dollars into the pocket of one of the most controversial individuals in the West and simultaneously rob and ruin valuable public lands in the South Fork Clearwater drainage and across the Nez Perce National Forest.

Never mind that an acre-for-acre exchange is illegal, nor the fact that the land currently being proposed for the swap contains important wildlife and fishery habitat, including fishing holes, hunting spots and family camping destinations. Never mind that the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the same group that screams bloody murder over wolves "wiping out the elk herds," thinks that giving away prime elk wintering grounds for clear-cut parcels is a good idea.

Completely ignore the fact that the U.S. Forest Service is operating under an expired forest plan, that the agency has no restoration plan to restore the Upper Lochsa, and that until King Blixseth purchased those hacked-over 39,000 acres, the Forest Service wasn't doing squat to bring those lands back into public ownership.

The Upper Lochsa Land Exchange must be stopped, and the Forest Service must be forced to choose No Action in its final decision. You have until Saturday, Jan. 17, 2012, to submit a written or electronic comment. It's time to hit the reset button.

--Brett Haverstick, Moscow

Knocked out

The following comments were left at facebook.com/boiseweekly regarding "Skinhead Knocked Out by Victim Now Faces Hate-Crime Sentence," Citydesk, Dec. 9, 2011.

I thought they got rid of all those scumbags up north. Idaho is too great of a state to be infested with racism. I don't like violence but I have to admit, I feel he got what he was asking for.

--Evelyn Allred Stodard

As Walt Kowalski put it, "Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn't have fucked with? That's me."

--Patrick McKeegan

Ignorant fella gets hurt by his ignorance.

--Steve Guild

Chemical Reaction

The following comments were posted at boiseweekly.com on the story "Two More at the Table: New Chemical Elements Named" (Citydesk, Dec. 2, 2011).

Chuck Norris only recognizes the element of surprise (Sp). He will not be pleased.

--Chuck's Mom

"Difficult-to-understand periodic table"? What exactly does the author find difficult to understand about the periodic table? Every school kid in America learns how to use the periodic table before they finish high school, and in many schools, the periodic table is introduced to students in middle school. I personally have never spoken to any child who had any serious confusion about how to use the periodic table. And how does adding a few new elements make the periodic table harder to understand?

The author is playing into the stereotype of Idaho having less intelligent or knowledgeable people than East and West Coast states. We all know that the average child from Idaho is every bit as smart as the average kid in NYC.


Are people who read the Boise Weekly just meaner than other people, or what? If you met the author at a barbecue or some such, would you say, "You, sir, are a fucking moron?" I hope not. Please have a little common civility. If you can do better, please start your own newspaper or blog, etc.