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Mail and Commentary Aug. 4, 2010

All About Rall

I am appalled by the way Ted Rall blatantly called an entire group of people "racists." Has he ever personally sat down and talked to a tea partier? Or is this opinion based solely on his own prejudice of their values and beliefs? Unfortunately, his name-calling and labeling is only a small representation of what is happening in the country as a whole. I am not personally involved with the Tea Party movement. I am, however, a white conservative, which has also become synonymous with racist. I am saddened by the way this strong and offensive label is so freely thrown around. People are more intolerant and the country is more divided than ever. Just because I happen to disagree with [President Barack] Obama's actions and beliefs does not make me a racist. My disagreement with him has nothing to do with his skin color but solely with his politics. I don't remember being called a racist while [Bill] Clinton was in office, with whom I also disagreed. Why am I suddenly a racist because I continue to hold different beliefs than democrats? This is still America, right? I still have the freedom to my own beliefs and opinions without being harassed? Or does this freedom depend on the color of the current president in office? I find it interesting and hypocritical how the left is becoming as intolerant and judgemental of conservatives as they believe we are of everyone else.

--Brandi Ellett, Boise

The fascists are already in control and have been, via both parties, for decades. Fascism is socialism with corporate power behind it and heavy authoritarianism. I think you'll find most tea partiers oppose the illegal wars we are involved in and would happily dismantle the jackbooted power centers of today's government. To throw the racist card in is pure racism itself, an attempt to discredit that which can't be discredited by rational means.

--Searle47, boiseweekly.com

Look, I don't like the Tea Party people, but can we please, please stop talking about Nazis and making semi-veiled comparisons between them and political groups we dislike? When Glenn Beck does it it's disgusting, and it's no better when it's done here. The Tea Party people are nuts, but they are a small minority and in no way resemble a political party responsible for the murder of over 6 million people.

Try harder next time.