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Mail and Commentary Aug. 10, 2011

"It makes the yuppie hipster posers feel good to pay too much for things they can make themselves ..."

--My authentic self, (BW, Food News, "Exploring the Possibility of a Year-Round Farmers Market," Aug. 3, 2011)

Media Culpa

The July 27 edition of Boise Weekly incorrectly stated that BuckSnort Rootbeer is from Bellevue, Wash., when, in fact, the company is based in Bellevue, Idaho. We regret the error.

A Big Thank you to ...

Ada County Commissioner Sharon Ullman for all the research she has done regarding the legality of greyhound simulcast at Les Bois horse track, and in fact, any county that does greyhound simulcast of which did not have a license to "live dog race" before Jan. 1, 1996.

Idaho state code 54-2514A states simply that any county that did not have a live dog-racing license or a license to parimutuel bet on "them" (live dogs) before Jan. 1, 1996, can not legally simulcast greyhound racing. This law does not affect live horse racing nor live horse simulcasting, only the simulcast of dog races. So why aren't the authorities prosecuting Les Bois horse track to the fullest extent of the law? Breaking Idaho Code 54-2514A holds a felony charge with it.

Again, thank you, Sharon, for doing your homework for Ada County so well.

--Virginia McKeann, Nampa


Unless you were in a coma or under a rock, you watched as members of Congress battled over raising the debt ceiling. While our country barreled toward catastrophic default, Tea Party Republicans refused to act without making draconian cuts in spending while refusing to consider tax adjustments.

Polls show that Americans favor a balanced approach to this problem, making reforms to Medicare and Social Security accompanied by tax reform. Most understand the mantra, "Taxes kill jobs" is political hyperbole. Slashes are killing jobs, and our economy can't recover if this doesn't end.

This circus was a direct result of failure to exercise the right to vote in 2010. For whatever excuse, 41 percent of eligible voters went to the polls. And here we are. Congressional elections matter. Staying home to protest inadequate progress is not a winning strategy. It is a vote for the other side. Be assured, supporters of extremists now controlling the U.S. House of Representatives voted in droves. These representatives are doing exactly what they believe they were elected to do.

Make no mistake: It can get worse. We are paying a terrible price for apathy. If we are to address the deficit in a way that protects the middle class and invests in our future, we must get out the vote for candidates who do not feel that our interests can best be served by cutting taxes for the wealthy.

--Nancy Bailey,Stafford, Texas

Heard Online

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Reader reaction to the Endangered Species Act's on-again-off-again relationship with wolves:

Hmmm, I can understand protecting your livestock, pets, kids, etc. I hope this doesn't mean people are going to do free for all and put them on the brink of extinction.

--Tamara Renee Kelso

They should never have been introduced into our forests in the first place.

--Matt Williams

I love it when people say they should never have been re-introduced. Matt, they were here long before us.

--Molly Rowan Deckart

Reader reaction to a post about President Barack Obama's approval rating being the lowest in the nation in Idaho:

Wow! I'm so shocked. I also read that Fox news was most watched in Idaho than any other state.

--Ted Challenger

Look around ... The approval rating of Idaho is pretty damn low as well.

--Dick Wilhelm