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Mail and Commentary April 21, 2010

Election Fools

In response to your April Fools' issue, I found it disturbing. But not as disturbing as the reaction of those who believed it as factual. If they really believed that their elected officials would entertain such a thought, perhaps they should think before voting in the next election.

--Scott Farmer,Meridian

On Tacos, Arizona and Immigration

Re: Citydesk by Nathaniel Hoffman Vol. 18-42. It doesn't take a lefty to find Sarah Palin all sass, no substance. It does, however, take someone who's lived in Arizona to steer him straight on tacos and immigration.

Chilangos had the worst Mexican food I ever ate, period. Not only was there no heat, there was no flavor, but the average Idaho Anglo is likely clueless on what real Mexican food is. A visit to a Phoenix taco joint says little about Arizona Mexican cuisine.

On immigration: Even the liberals (and lots of native Latins) in Tucson were against it, but then those I knew didn't run businesses addicted to ultra-cheap labor. Arizona was chaos five years ago when I left and well on its way to being Third World, U.S.A. Is it racist to accept the reality that a nation cannot be a nation without borders, anymore than a house cannot be a house without walls? Evidently so, huh?

It would take a book to describe the harm of illegal immigration to someone in denial about it, but there's a 300-word limit on letters here. Living near the largely open border provides a whole different perspective--there is also rampant drug smuggling, all sorts of crime, and now kidnapping. A rancher on the U.S. side was just shot and killed in Arizona, and property owners close to the border are finding it impossible to live there.

The recent Idaho efforts to restrict illegal immigrants and those hiring them were doomed by local pro-business groups. Greed is destroying this country, and it takes more than excellent ethnic food to dispense with the concern some of us have that our nation is literally being invaded--at citizens' expense.

--Steve Vetter,10-year Arizona resident,Boise

Gagging on Gas

An open letter to all oil speculators: Even the dumbest rancher knows to fatten the steer before butchering. How about letting us get on our feet before bringing us to our knees again?

--Mark Brusato,