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Mail and Commentary April 14, 2010

Quote of the Week

"Yeah, let's just kill off whole species ... NOT!"

--idahoYO2, boiseweekly.com on "Predator and Prey," April 7, 2010

A Better April Fools' Story

Given the unease the last two years' April Fools' jokes in the BW have caused, here's one that would have been better and well timed.

Do a story about how Gov. [C.L. "Butch"] Otter and the Republican legislation care more about Idahoans than they do the Republican Party.

--Brian Lind, Boise

Dawn of Digital in Politics?

While I have been having an enormous amount of fun running for governor, I feel the May 25, 2010, primary will be a watershed moment in political history (not Idaho political history, but American political history).

Just as television affected the 1962 presidential election between Kennedy and Nixon, I believe the Internet (Facebook, Twitter, e-mails, blogging, texting, etc.) will alter the outcome of many Idaho elections. Suddenly the playing field has been leveled.

While I don't expect to get more than a few votes myself, I do expect May 25, 2010, to be the new dawn of American political thought.

Vote early and vote often.

--Pete Peterson,


Hunting Not the Answer

Re: "Predator and Prey" (BW, Feature, April 7, 2010): As an advocate for liberation of nonhuman animals from human interference, the most ethical, compassionate approach is to ban all human hunting and killing of free-living animals. All other strategies to "manage" populations are an excuse to perpetuate the senseless slaughter of living, feeling individuals. Thank you. Peace and love unto all beings.

--Mark Wiesenfeld,

Norfolk, Virginia