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Mail and Commentary April 13, 2011

"It is proven that heterosexual men who are unsure of their masculinity spit in the presence of other men ..."

--itstrue (BW, Rec, "Us Against Phlegm," Aug. 29, 2007)

Money. Mouth.

Since balancing the Idaho budget is so vital, there is one more thing anybody who voted to take education from Idaho children and further deplete health care for the elderly or disabled of the state must do: All payments (and benefits) should be returned to the state coffers. Anybody who is such a true believer should be willing to sacrifice for what he/she knows is right. After leaving office, those same persons should make sure that they do not receive any retirement or discounted health insurance.

I have been willing to work without any compensation to help accomplish goals I truly believed were important. I think all of us, as residents of this great state, need to know without a doubt, who is a true believer and who is "serving" for the perks, the power or (perhaps) to see his/her name in the paper or talking head on television. True believers: stand up (or show up) and be counted.

--Kathy Zuckerman,Boise

Cheat Sheet

Dear Idaho Dairymen's Association:

Please let us know when you expect to have all your records scrubbed, books cooked, syringes destroyed and your really sick animals into hospital barns so we can schedule our random milk testing. Albert Einstein once said, "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." As you know, that's pretty much been proven over the centuries, but even the rubes in Idaho will eventually wise up if we don't pretend to do something pretty quickly.

Yours in protecting the health of everyone's bank accounts--the FDA.

P.S.: Please tell Lance Armstrong and Barry Bonds that their next random, surprise drug tests are scheduled for mid-May and mid-June, respectively.

--Vern Goldsmith,Boise

The Other Vice Tax

With the annual tax filing date just around the corner, pundits are searching for ways to make our tax code fairer and more reflective of our social incentives and burdens. In this regard, there is a growing interest in a tax on meat, eggs and dairy products designed to curb the self-destructive health impacts of their consumption and to effectively compensate society for the associated devastating environmental impacts.

The concept is hardly radical. We already pay similar taxes on tobacco and alcohol products. A number of states have or are considering imposing taxes on soft drinks and other junk foods.

The revenue would reimburse the Medicare and Medicaid programs for treating victims of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and other chronic killer diseases that have been linked conclusively with consumption of animal products. It would pay for restoration of waterways and wildlife habitats that have been devastated by production of these items. Mark Twain said that nothing is certain except death and taxes. Yet, the first can be deferred and the other reduced selectively by a tax on meat and dairy products that reflects the associated social costs.

--Bradley Genna,Boise

Pill Poppers

: From Boise Weekly's Facebook page on news that prescription drug abuse is on the rise:

Just another example of how Boise law enforcement has nothing better to do.

--Colin Glendon

I love how this is "new information being uncovered" when all they have to do is look at the arrest records for the past five years to realize nothing has changed. These are on-going issues in the community that need support all the time, not just when it's convenient for the cops to pull their heads out of their asses and make light of it. I swear, the next headline is going to read: "Boise PD Says Sky is Blue!"

--David Leavitt