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Magic Sword

Nov. 17, Knitting Factory



You may remember Magic Sword from that time the cops shut down its dance party outside Neurolux, or the other time one of its epic tracks landed on a trailer for Thor: Ragnarok. Maybe its music has been stuck in your head this whole time, an unruly prisoner rattling its metal cup against the inside of your dome. Even for people unfamiliar with its synth-y, '80s movie score sound, it's time to run, not walk, for tickets to its Friday, Nov. 17, show at The Knitting Factory. Wearing cloaks and face masks, its members will be performing with Bellingham, Washington-based Manatee Commune, a.k.a. Grant Eadie, whose trippy, layered tracks go with Magic Sword like peas and carrots. Tickets are $15-$35. Don't mess this up.

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