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Machine Head

March 7, Knitting Factory


Oakland, Calif.-based band Machine Head has long been revered as a heavy-metal trailblazer. In a Feb. 2 interview with's Full Metal Jackie, lead singer Robb Flynn explained where some of that comes from. He said Machine Head has worked to "carry the same spirit and fly the same flag," as Megadeth, The Dead Kennedys and Public Enemy, who were "agitated and they weren't trying to be liked... they were trying to change the world."

Machine Head is on a tour behind Bloodstone and Diamonds (Nuclear Blast, Jan. 2014) and, according to its Facebook page, is honestly looking forward to its Boise stop:

"BOISE HEAD CASES!!!! It's been a long hard slog to get back to your city, and as most of you know, we have had an unfortunate series of events stop us several times now!! We are DETERMINED to make it up to you this Saturday when we return for 'An Evening With Machine Head'!!! 2 1/2 hours of metal anthems, glorious sing-a-longs, and haunting melodic pieces. If you want us to fuck off, we completely understand, hell, we may even deserve it, (and judging by the ticket sales many of you feel that way!!). But we WILL be there!! And frankly, we are stoked as fuck to be playing Boise and making it up to you with 2 1/2 hours or raging metal on a Saturday night!! BE THERE!!"