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Luster, May 12, Terrapin Station


The scowls, torn jeans and wallet chains sported by the members of Chicago-based Luster shouldn't prevent you from pushing the play button on their Myspace page. Luster songs range from heady guitar rock to peppier pop with a hint of some alternative leanings. Lyrically, Luster laments. In the layered "Showing the World," frontman Jeremy Mederich (who founded Luster with brother Bryan in the early 2000s) monotonously pleads across a heartbeat-regular drum thump underlay: "Could you just leave me alone / I don't wanna hear your shit / just leave me alone / don't wanna see your face." In "Laughing, Living, Loving," the music brightens up a bit, but the sentiment doesn't: "Holding on for dear life / I am holding on by a thread ... How could anybody love this life? / No one's really on your side ... Nobody really knows how much it really hurts inside."

It's an interesting mix and, regardless of how dressed down they may be, Luster might put on a shiny show.

With Vagabond, Dying Famous, 9 p.m., $3. Terrapin Station, 1415 W. Main St.,