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LunaFest Screens Films By, For and About Women at The Flicks

Saturday, May 18 at The Flicks


In "My Immigrant Story," Yuriko Gamo Romer revisits how she became an American citizen in light of the current debate surrounding immigration; in Dana Nachman's "The Final Show," a long-lived woman must choose who among her companions she'd like to take to "eternity."

"I'm always impressed by the variety of films," said Lena Gandiaga, the Soroptimist International of Boise Chair of LunaFest, a film festival by, for and about women that will take over a screen at The Flicks on Saturday, May 18.

This year, the festival will bring eight documentaries, shorts and animated films to The Flicks. The longest of them, Katrelle N. Kindred's "War Paint," runs 17 minutes. All of them are the products of female writers and directors, and chosen to show the work of women and empower others to try their hands at filmmaking. Beyond that, however, Gandiaga said describing the event to people on the street can be tricky.

"I actually struggle with that," she said. "The catchline is they're short films for and by women, but you kind of have to see it. Each film is so unique and diverse. The one common theme is women, but outside that, it's really hard. There are cartoons, all kinds of media and content. Some of them are very serious, others are hilarious. It's a bit of an emotional rollercoaster: Every year, I walk away and one or two films really stick with me."

Since those films often touch on difficult issues like sexism, racism, aging and youth, the post-screening discussions can get emotional.

"I found a moment with each of these seven [previous] screenings where I cried," Gandiaga said. "Each year, there's that one little thing."

The festival serves as a kind of fundraiser for the Soroptimists, and in year seven, they rolled out a raffle. They'll continue that tradition this year with themed gift baskets filled with items around topics like "beer" (a $200 Barbarian Brewing beer club membership), "summer fun," "movie night," "cocktails" and more.