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Luggage With 'Help Me' Sign Triggers Arrest at Lewiston Airport


The tiny Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport, which serves the Palouse Region, is a typically quiet setting with the occasional commercial commuter plane coming and going (Alaska Airlines has three daily flights, Delta Airlines has two and American Airlines has three).

But things got particularly tense Thursday morning when law enforcement swarmed the airport after a suspicious bag flagged travelers' concern. The Lewiston Tribune reports that the incident began when a manager spotted an unattended bag with a hand-written note attached, reading: "FBI, Secret Agents. Please help! My family under domination attack."

The luggage was eventually traced to 34-year-old Quoviet Huynh of Clarkston, Wash. who had been sitting inside the terminal. But when Huynh refused to talk to authorities and also refused to retrieve the bag, officials cordoned off the area, handcuffed Huynh and took him away. Only then, police said, did Huynh insist on talking to the FBI.

Authorities said the contents of the luggage yielded nothing suspicious, but Huynh was held at the Nez Perce County Jail on a charge of trespassing.