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Low-Fi: Where You Are


It's funny how, musically speaking, a region can have a particular sound. In the U.S., we have such an amalgamation of musical genres and styles, it would seem hard to pinpoint where a particular type of music originates. Maybe it's something specific—say red Gibson guitars tuned to a certain key—or maybe just living in the area makes your ear more attuned to the nuances of certain music. Whatever the case, local band Low-fi produces what is clearly a Northwest indie-rock on the stripped-down, melodic end of the spectrum.

Their debut release, Where You Are, showcases the talents of the trio: guitarist/vocalist Todd Sloan, bassist Josh Gilmore and drummer Mike Rundle. The tracks on the CD alternate between pretty ("Getting to You") and gritty ("War), making the sum of the parts a raw and expressive whole. The title track clocks in at just over four minutes ("Goin' On" is over five), and though that may seem a bit ambitious for a debut CD in a 90-second-pop-song-ruled world, I think it shows a bit of bravery that might well be rewarded. Low-fi's CD release party is Sept. 22 at 5:30 p.m. at Gigs Music (611 N. Orchard St.). It's a free show and features special guests Ned Evett and Bob Crist (who make appearances on the CD).