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Low-fi on "One Tree Hill"


Ever watched an episode of a favorite show and heard a tune so catchy, it bounces around in your brain pan for days? Have you ever Googled the show find out who the musician was and then rushed to your favorite retailer or online music site and bought the track? That's what the musicians who have created those songs are hoping for, and local band Low-fi (Josh Gilmore, Mike Rundle, Tod Sloan) has just joined the ranks of the hopeful.

On Feb. 8, the CW's One Tree Hill featured the title track from Low-fi's 2007 debut release Where You Are.

"It may be sort of background music, but it's really cool," said Low-fi drummer Mike Rundle. "And the show puts out a compilation CD at the end of the year. And there's other stuff that could come of it. It's another way to get our name out there."

They were on the shortlist to get a song on the NBC drama Mercy and even though that didn't pan out, they're happy with the One Tree Hill exposure. Rundle gives bassist Josh Gilmore the credit for pursuing licensing agreements.

"Josh is really good at promoting Low-fi outside of Boise," Rundle said.

And people outside of Boise are paying attention.

Low-fi was recently nominated in the Ninth Annual Independent Music Awards in the category Sing Out for Social Change for their anti-war tune "War."

"We didn't win," Rundle said. "But it was still cool. Tom Waits was a judge."

But being nominated for an indie award and being played on a highly rated television show have two very different values: one may line Low-fi's pockets with a few bucks, something that others in the indie rock community might see as selling out. Rundle said that's absolutely not the case.

"We put out our CD totally ourselves, completely independently," Rundle said. "I'm good friends with Bart and Steff Bell [of Hot Dog Sandwich]. They were like, that's awesome, that's so cool. They are total do-it-yourselfers, which is inspiring for people to see. I respect their opinion, and they were completely congratulatory."

So are we.

One Tree Hill airs on Mondays on the CW at 7 p.m.