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Low-fi On High With CD Release Party

Friday, July 22, KFCH


Since coming on the scene in 2007, Low-fi has been one of those bands that doesn't quite fit. Their indie-ish, rock-laden, Americana-tinged, almost-pop sound makes it tough to decide what category to put them in, and their new sophomore release, After All This Time, doesn't help one damn bit.

Overall, Low-fi's power-trio sound is still evident but tracks are a little more hook heavy this time. While there are traditional themes in tracks like "Lonely" and "Dog Days"--heartbreak, loneliness and second chances--After All This Time includes songs about something bigger. In "So Far Away," frontman Todd Sloan sings about biking in the mountains, floating the Payette River and other geographical delights: "From the slopes of the Rocky Mountains to the desert below / I find myself in Boise, Idaho." After All This Time is, in part, a love letter to the band's home and with it, Low-fi hits a high note.

With Muffalo, 57 Heavy, Actual Depiction, Antique Scream. 8 p.m., $6. Knitting Factory, 416 S. Ninth St.,