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Loveland Still Out Of Reach


"The Search for Loveland" would have made a great title for a 1970s country-western ballad. Perhaps it could have been one of those plodding, many-versed story songs along the lines of Johnny Horton's "The Battle of New Orleans;" more likely, it would have ended up a duet between Conway Twitty and Miss Piggy on a cowboy-themed episode of The Muppet Show. Either way, the song definitely would have kept going and going with no end in sight--just like the real search for Loveland, that is, fugitive Korey Steven Loveland.

Loveland, according to the Department of Correction, is an ornery 30-year-old with a pair of fittingly ornery tattoos: "Stone Cold 1-87" on the back of his neck and "Only God Can Judge Me Now" on his chest. The latter tat seems especially significant, as Loveland, despite being a relatively young cuss, has already racked up convictions for burglary, battery, grand theft, carrying a concealed weapon, forgery, assault, escape, battery on law enforcement, possession of controlled substance with intent to deliver and multiple DUIs. He ceased reporting to his parole officer on April 14, and has been off the radar ever since. Jeff Ray with the Idaho Department of Correction says the department has received tips that put Loveland in several different states, but there has been "no definitive word." Loveland's last known address was on St. Andrews Drive on the Bench in Boise, and he may be driving a silver 2004 Mitsubishi Galant. Anyone who spies his mug in the crowd is urged to call the DOC's probation and parole office at 208-334-2249--and remember, do not approach Loveland, even to compliment him on his awesomely scary ink. He is classified as "extremely dangerous" and has been known to carry firearms.